Daisy Traci

Daisy Traci

Hey all you bulldog people, it’s me Daisy Traci and guess what?  See this lady with me? Well, that is my new Mom! That’s right she used to be my foster Mom and now she is my forever Mom!  My new mom, Tammy, waited to tell me that she was adopting me until today! I was so happy and so excited I could not sit still. All I wanted to do was kiss her and lick her face. My new mom was so excited she cried.  I have been in rescue for what seems like a really long time because I had some serious medical issues. One thing was my ears. They had been infected for so long I needed to have my ear canals removed leaving me completely deaf. But that’s ok because that’s a lot better than having my ears ache ever day! So, I am learning sign language and already I know come, let’s have a snack, but most of all I have learned what love is. Love is me and my Mom forever and ever.

My family loved me enough to know that I needed more medical care than they could provide.

My ears are a mess, my feet hurt and my tail area is red and inflamed. And I itch. I have been to a vet clinic many times and have taken medication, only to find out that once I am off the meds, the infections come back. So, my family decided I needed to join rescue and go to a Bulldog-savvy vet who knows the breed inside and out.

I am so excited that now I will be able to sit with Dr. Larsen and explain to her all about my ears, feet and skin issues. I know she will be able to start me on the road to relief.

Is it the dog food, the environment, the wrong medication? I just don’t know. What I do know is I have infection draining from both ears and they hurt. Please stay tuned and watch my journey through rescue. Watch me become the beautiful dog I was born to be!

10/25/19 Update:  I couldn’t pass up dress-up picture-taking day! I even stopped by the store and bought a new dress for the occasion. Don’t I look like a doll? I feel beautiful for sure.

But, today we need to talk serious.

It’s my ears. They are a huge problem. They hurt. All the time. They are closed completely. It’s recommended that I have total ear canal ablation. And that surgery is super expensive (about $1,650 to $2,000 for both ears), but once it is done, there will no longer be any pain! I really can’t remember how long it has been since I was pain-free.

I am not too concerned that I will be deaf from the surgery because I am already deaf from the infections.

So, I’m having a fundraiser to raise enough money for my surgery. I hope you can give just a little so I can be pain-free. After that, I can focus on finding my forever family who will love me no matter what. Heck, even if they sing out of tune, I’ll love them just the same!  Love, Daisy Traci

12/12/19 Update:  I’m going to update everyone on Daisy Tracy this week.  In the last 3 weeks she has had both ear surgeries completed.  She was not feeling well enough to speak for herself, so I’m going to do it for her.

Daisy Tracy came to Rescue with many issues, but as of last Friday, hopefully she will be pain free of the last of her issues.  Three weeks ago, she her left ear surgery. This past Friday she had her final surgery on her right ear.  Due to the level of infection she had in both ears, when she came to us, she was already deaf.  So, deafness due to her ear canal ablation will not be anything new to her, but being pain free will be everything to her and her new life.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help Daisy receive her surgery!  You are wonderful, caring people.  Also, thank you for all your kind and loving words you have shared with her.  We at Rescue appreciate all you do for our babies!

The day we shot Christmas pictures she was just a doll.  She played with us and loved having her picture taken.  Since she couldn’t her us, Vet Tech Heather has taught her hand signals and she loves treats.  She watched Heather all the time.  So, wherever she is looking in her photos, she’s looking at Heather.  I’m attaching some photos with a piece of Heather in them so you see what I mean.  Her head was shaved for her surgery, but we didn’t care.  To us she’s more beautiful showing us what she’s been through and how she’s still so happy and full of life.

Daisy is like the Energizer Bunny, no matter what she’s been through she just keeps going.  She may not can hear, but those eyes and that nose are working all the time.  Nothing gets passed her!

All you have to do is meet her and you instantly fall in love with her.

When she finds her family, I would normally say, they would be her new gift in life, but I think Daisy Tracy would be a huge gift for their life too!

Thank you for letting me share this special girl’s story.  My girl Daisy, next time will feel good enough to give her own update!!!!  She’s a trooper.

2/11/20 Update:  Driving Miss Daisy, that’s me,  home from the clinic after three months and I couldn’t be happier. I have lots of energy. I love to go for walks, I do really well on a leash and I have a fast pace for a bulldog, no grass growing under these paws.

I love playing with stuffed animals and foster mom. I’m crate trained and I know where to go when nature calls.

I hope to find my Hoke (Driving Miss Daisy reference they were best friends for 25 yrs). I’m a good girl, that can’t hear so well but otherwise almost 4 is looking good on me. I know there’s someone out there to drive me to my forever home.

2/18/20 Update:  Good morning y’all!  Well I’ve been in my foster home for about a week and a half and I’m loving it!! 

Foster mom says I’m so cute and cuddly. We go for lots of walks (I know not to pull on the leash) which I love!! I’ve met two dogs and I liked both of them. The one I played with made me feel like a puppy again! 

Foster Mom bought me a t-shirt and I was so excited to put it on. I didn’t want to take it off when we got in from our walk so I slept in it. I play hard and sleep hard and of course I love to eat!! I’m so happy and would love to share my sweetness with a forever family. Happy hump day!!

3/8/20 Update:  Foster Mom went somewhere cold and strapped boards to her feet. I think she called it skiing. Anyhoo, I’m glad she didn’t ask me to go. Instead, I got to hang out with two dogs and a cat. They are my new BFFs. Hanging with my new buddies helps me to learn social norms in the four-legged world, like don’t put your head or paw on top of a dog’s neck or head. They didn’t know I just wanted to play. So much to learn, but I’ll get there because I’m sweet and didn’t mean any harm. I come in peace!

Foster Mom got me a new stuffed toy and I like it so much! We sat on the balcony together. I hope you have a good weekend.