Dakota Dylan (now Duke)

Dakota Dylan (now Duke)

Bulldog Friends you are not going to believe this news! The one you thought might be in rescue for a long time has been adopted! In fact, my new forever family asked for me. 

Even though someone had cropped my ears and tried to make me look mean my new family knew I was a total love. In fact, they have a bulldog named Bruno that someone cropped his ears, so he looks just like me. We became fast friends because he loves to play also. I have a new Boxer sister, Brooklyn, and let’s just say she likes to have the last word. She has not figured out yet that I am hearing impaired so when she is shouting out orders, I just look at her like I am listening when all I am thinking about is it snack time yet? Brooklyn is taller than me, and likes to be bossy sometime so I just let her boss as I weave in and out her legs. 

I love love love my new family and my new life. This morning after breakfast I had a banana and I loved it. It is supposed to be a “power food.”  Oh I hope so because today I intend to play 24/7 with Bruno, have some snacks, and get ready to enjoy all the love I can stand from my new family. Oh I have a new name too!  My name now is Duke, like John Wayne “The Duke.”

Thank you rescue for rescuing me, treating my horrible neck infection and finding me the perfect family.  Love Rescue Forever  “The Duke ”

Dakota’s eyes tell it all… the abuse, the neglect, the pain. He has seen it all. 

When he wandered into a kind woman’s yard, it was the best thing that could ever happen to him. 

She was not scared of him, even though he could look scary to some ~ with his ears cropped to his head and his neck dripping with infection. She let him inside and then contacted animal control.  

And thanks to a great animal control group that recognized he needed medical care ASAP, he joined us yesterday afternoon.  

When Dakota shakes his head as he walks, the infection discharge flies from side to side. I tried to look in his ear and he laid his head in the grass. Whatever is down there must hurt because he guarded that ear from me peeking inside. 

But never once did he growl or snap. He just kept scooting farther and farther away from me. In fact, getting him to look up at me was nearly impossible. He looks down or away, as if he’s ashamed. 

I suspect his neck infection was caused by a prong collar. He has the same wounds in two different places on his neck. And he has bite marks on his body. He’s a young Bulldog with a horrible past. 

He’s also a tiny fella… probably less than 30 lbs. Hard to believe he was once a fat little Bulldog puppy and his owners did this to him. And watched him suffer. It takes a sick person to do this and do nothing to help. 

6/9/22 Update:   Dakota is a sweet little boy who wants attention and play time. 

He likes to take toys and bring them outside. Today, it was a shoe…my shoe…so I need to re-dog-proof the house. 

He has found a spot on the couch where he is very happy and can snore away for hours. 

It seems Dakota is very hard of hearing, so he will need a family who can work with him. He truly just wants to please, play and be loved. 

6/13/22 Update:  Poor Dakota… All he wants to do is play, but his foster brother is not a willing (nor able) participant.

Every time Dakota gets reprimanded to leave his bro alone, I get this look. I think it means, “Someone please adopt me and let me play with your dogs. I am a good boy, although mostly deaf. I like to take toys (and anything I can find in the house) and bring it outside to “save” for myself. I do all of my business outside. What more could you want?”