Dakota Lynn

Dakota Lynn

Today was a day like I wish every bulldog could have. Today Dakota’s dream came true. She found her forever family. Recently Paula lost Peanut (Phoenix), and Paula will be the first to tell you a house is not a home without a bulldog.  So, to honor Peanut she adopted another bulldog today.  Dakota knew she had hit the bulldog lottery. John, Gypsy, Paula and Dakota are headed home now and Dakota never looked back as she trotted out the door. Much happiness everyone for making Dakota’s dream come true! Dakota will be missed, she was a perfect house guest and a very easy bulldog to love.

Hello all, it’s me Dakota Lynn here! No sad stories for me. When I saw Tiny Dancer packing her backpack to head out to find a family that needed a couch potato I ran out that door faster than a jet plane! No way, no how was she leaving and leaving me behind.  When that car door opened up I hopped over her and I found myself in the front seat ready to roll.  Tiny Dancer sat in the back,  guess she should have yelled “Shotgun” first! I am kinda thick, you know the kind, the thick ones get to the food bowl first and stay longer giving that stink eye when someone gets close. I just tell everyone that I am big boned and big bone gals have an extra layer for when it gets cold I will be warm! I am just 3 years old and my family will love big gals that love a warm fireplace and someone to snuggle up with. So, I am off to sit with Dr. Larsen and tell her all about me. She is going to LOVE me. She has a thing for a beautiful brindle gal just like me!

11/20/19 Update:  You met me online when I first came into rescue. I’ve been having such a great time here I haven’t had time to write. My fall photos turned out so good, you just had to see them! I didn’t realize how BEAUTIFUL I am, until I saw them myself!

I am a big, brindle, healthy, happy gal! I’m easy with people and fur babies. I have wonderful manners! They told me I was the best behaved Bulldog they had worked with all day.

I’m about 3 years old and I have two speeds: walking or trotting. Running? Not so much! I won’t be one of the skateboard-riding Bulldogs you see in videos. I’m too much of a lady for that.

I will be the one that greets you at the door, wiggling my butt, because you’re home. The one waiting for you to drop food on the floor when you’re cooking. The one that wants to lay on you, instead of beside you. I’ll be the one who will wear your favorite football team’s jersey… just because I love you!

I’ll soon be moving into my foster home. I’m so excited! They will take good care of me until my forever family is matched to me and falls madly in love. Until then, I’ll wait and be happy with the life I have because DAKOTA LYNN is always a HAPPY GAL!