Yep, that’s right… I was adopted today! I have two new sisters, Malaika and Mariah, and my mom, in the back, is Joyce! My new dad’s name is Scott. He’s been a little under the weather lately, so he did not come for picture day, but he promises he will take some pics with me this week. I also have a new fur brother and his name is Brutus. Brutus is one cool dude and we get along great! I just wanted everyone to know I am so happy now with my new family. I am the third Bulldog they have adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and I believe Bulldogs are in their blood. My new sisters tell me how beautiful I am and that we will have spa days together and take lots of walks in the fall. Today, I think we are going to get our nails done and I am going to choose hot pink so we can be triplets! So, yes, I’m checking out of rescue today, but I’m checking into a forever home that simply is amazing.

Did you see that celebration in the sky last week for me? I was just amazed at the fireworks, the parade and everyone clapping! I felt like a movie star.

I am 2 years old and just the sweetest Bulldog lady. I had a sweet mom that had always wanted a Bulldog. We were together for about four weeks when she realized there was a lot more to owning a Bulldog than she thought. I required more time than she had to give. After all, I did not want to stay in a crate while she worked all day. Plus, she realized she needed to find a second job after some life changes.

Without hesitation, I raised my paw and said, “This is not the life for me. Please let me join rescue so I can find a family that has kids and other dogs. I don’t want to sit here by myself all day staring all the walls.”

So, with a lot of tears, we said our goodbyes. I am looking forward to finding a family that loves me like my other mom did, but has lots of time to spend with me, Daphne, a Bulldog queen.