Rescue is filled with the unique. Yesterday was no exception as Deebo joined his perfect furever family. Deebo was surrendered by an elderly couple to a local all-breed rescue. The group asked one of their fosters, Jenny, to foster him for a few days until they found a Bulldog rescue to take him. Jenny and her two children had Deebo three days before I picked him up. Jenny and the daughter cried at the thought of him leaving. While I was there, we spent almost 30 minutes talking dogs, rescue, Bulldogs, fostering, and our adoption process. Within minutes of my leaving Jenny was filling out an application to adopt and wanted that 9-year-old boy she had been caring for.

Yesterday that wish became a reality. Deebo was so excited to see her again and went straight to her and would not leave her side. He joins a family with a 12-year-old girl a 14-year-old boy and a beautiful 2-year-old French Mastiff, Brutus. Just another one of those unique and beautiful stories in rescue. We wish them all the best in their years ahead together

Nine year old Deebo had been living with an older couple for years. But they realized they were no longer able to meet all his needs, so they surrendered him to an all-breed rescue they had helped with over the years. That rescue contacted us because they knew a bulldog needed to be with a bulldog rescue. In the meantime, they cared for some of his immediate needs.

We were glad to pick him up and make him a part of our rescue family. He spent two days in the home of a foster for the other rescue and we received a glowing report on how special Deebo is. He is well trained and well behaved. He gets along great with everyone and other dogs. He would prefer cats keep their distance! 

He has a large sore on the outside of one ear that will need additional treatment, but otherwise appears great. The other rescue did vaccinations and a blood work up, and he looks to be in great health. So if you want an older, active, well behaved, healthy boy, Deebo would be perfect for you.