Diesel Dan

Diesel Dan

Diesel Dan has been adopted!!  Yep, this sweet senior has been adopted by us and we couldn’t be happier.  As soon as his dad picked him up from the clinic, we knew he was special and lovely.  Diesel came into rescue with some of the worst skin we have seen.  He would scratch himself raw until he was a bloody mess. After spending time with Dr Larsen and her team, Diesel was on his way to better health.  Diesel came with a “life preserver” around his neck to prevent him from scratching himself bloody, but after some time and medicated baths, we said goodbye to the inflatable ring.

To watch Diesel walk was hard and we could tell it was hard for him to get around without pain.  He probably had an ACL injury that went unrepaired and so his special little gait was born with his tiny steps.  Of course this house knew exactly what to do—underwater treadmill!  Diesel has gone to about six sessions and his gait is greatly improved.  I even caught him trotting happily through the house the other day.

We fell in love with his puppy-like face and small stature.  Dave and I are softies when it comes to seniors.  He fit in with the rest of the dogs beautifully and became one of the pack.  To say adopting Diesel has helped the sudden loss of our Joe is true.  Joe and Diesel were best buds, loving to share the couch, taking their long naps together.  We feel that Joe would approve.

Diesel has wise eyes and a greying scruff like most seniors.  If you listen, they have their story to tell and need only a family to listen.  We feel honored to be this beautiful boys very last family.

If there was an award for the itchiest dog, I bet I would win! My folks kept clothes on me and an inflatable collar on my neck to keep me for scratching myself raw. They tried all kinds of food, shampoo and medicine. That made me sort of high maintenance. And when my dad lost his job and we had to move in with some family, there was no place for me or money to take care of me.

So today I joined rescue. I cried, my parents cried, the man who met me cried. But I am at the rescue vet now and they have already given me some medicine to make me feel better. They promised they would help me and my skin. I can’t wait to stop itching.

But here is what you need to know about me. My name is Diesel Dan. I am 8 years old and I am on the smaller size for a Bulldog. I only weigh 43 pounds. I am a dark brindle and love everybody and everything. You won’t have to take me on long walks or spend a lot of time playing fetch, although I do like to play a little. I am content just spending time laying next to you or even better, in your lap.

So soon I will be ready to leave the clinic and find my perfect family. Could that be yours?

4/7/19 Update:  Diesel Dan has been with us a week and he has been the perfect little houseguest. He’s only had one accident inside and that really was my fault. We are happy to report that his skin and coat are improving every day. No more life preserver needed! T-shirts aren’t really necessary, but how can you resist this cutie dressed up?

Diesel has a good appetite and we feel he will put on a couple of much needed pounds in no time. His huge feet says he needs to be bigger, but not too much. Diesel is getting along wonderfully with his foster siblings, though he does love to follow his humans around room-to-room, hanging back just a bit as he’s still a little shy. Diesel is a seasoned Bulldog at the age of 8, but don’t let the age fool you…the boy can get around. He has no problem jumping up on the couch to snuggle in, or tucked into the office chair as you do your work.