Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison

It’s time for a father/daughter dance… Today, Theodore Ruffrider and Dolly Madison danced their way into their new family’s hearts. I am a sucker for seniors and I know these two hit the jackpot! Nothing could keep Ed and Glynda from rescuing them.

Theodore and Dolly met them at the door and they were so excited, the meet-and-greet almost ended up outside. I had never seen them so excited! They must have known what was happening. While we laughed and talked about these two dogs, they were skipping and trotting around non-stop. I was surprised we got them calm enough to take a picture. The hysteria that ensuEd trying to get their harnesses on was unforgettable. I am so blessed to have fostered this bonded pair. Thank you to everyone who assisted with their journey.

Today was a strange day. My family’s had Bulldogs for decades and I have lived with them for 9 years—all my life. My daughter, Dolly, has lived with us all her life—7 years. But today, with a lot of sadness and tears, we joined rescue. I am the handsome brindle and Dolly is the beautiful white with brindle face and spots.

What is our story? Our parents are in their 70s and mom’s mom came to live with us. She is frail, in her 90s and uses a walker or a wheelchair to get around the house. She has something called dementia, and that causes a lot of concern for our mom.

So, we had a family meeting. We talked about how no one plays with us as much as we’d like and how we don’t see the vet like we did in the past. We are getting older and need more maintenance and time. But our parents are also getting older and need to spend more time with grandma. We decided it was best for everyone if we joined rescue.

In spite of our age, we are pretty healthy. We both have some allergy issues that cause us to get occasional ear infections. And Dolly hurt her right eye years ago and can no longer see with it. We love to run a little and wiggle a lot. We love short walks and couch snuggle time. We like other dogs and we love kids of all ages.

Because we’ve always been together, we hope we can stay together in rescue and be adopted together. We will be at the vet getting caught up on everything and then ready to move on to the second stage of a great life.

2/9/20 Update:  Dolly Madison, 7 years old, came to rescue with her dad, Theodore Ruffrider. They had lived with their family all their lives. Life changes and their 90-year-old grandmother moved in with them and have two dogs under foot was not a good idea. So, we were the lucky ones to have Dolly and Theodore join our family!

Dolly was very well cared for all her life and is a healthy girl. As you can see, she has not missed a meal. That’s what I love about her. I love fluffy Bulldogs. She waddles when she walks, and it makes me smile. She’s the quiet, shy type. She will physically shake when something scares her, but with a soft voice and an ear rub, she calms.

She has always stood behind her dad. This is the first time to stand on her own. They’re not together all the time now, so she’s learning to be her own dog.

On picture day, she was scared and shaking at first, so we took our time with her. When she calmed down, she was wonderful. She came out of her shell and realized how much fun she could have. We then brought her dad, Theodore, in and she was elated! She ran over and started licking and dancing around him. She loves him so much. It was like her world had walked into the room. That’s why our rescue wants them to be adopted together. They belong together and after 7 years, they should be together.

Dolly and her dad are the perfect couple. She’s quiet and he’s a ham. You would think she’s the mom and he’s the son. They look nothing alike, but they are father and daughter. They are FAMILY!

Dolly’s a sweet, good girl. Timid and shy, needing attention to draw her out. When Dolly realizes she’s just as important as her dad, boy is she going to SHINE!

2/17/20 Update:  Now, Dad… we didn’t come here for you to join bullytail.wag! Back to the real reason we are writing all you lovely followers… As you should know, we are a package deal. Who could pass up all this duo of fluffy love?

I know our foster pops is loving it already. I keep hearing him tell my dad he is one lucky stud. Dad is loving it here already. I’m going to be a busy woman trying to keep my dad out of trouble. We are going to check back in soon.

2/20/20 Update:  Man, I have been so busy. My foster parents love me so much! I have shown them I’m a perfect girl. Free roam of the house all day is what I have earned.

I still won’t let my four-legged dad, Theodore Ruffrider, out of my sight though. He seems to be flirting with a woman here named Root Beer. She tells him she is caffeine-free, but I don’t think she is. My dad is sweet on her. I don’t mind him lounging beside her, but that is where I draw the line.

Anywho, I love the camera and it loves me ❤️🐾❤️. You will catch me sleeping on my bed most of the day. I mean, it’s just exhausting trying to keep up with my dad all day. I’m still waiting on these things called “meet-and-greets” for my dad and me.