Dottie Gumdrop (Now Margo)

Dottie Gumdrop (Now Margo)

Dottie G. here with my update – I was adopted!🎉 My new furever mom & dad are previous adopters, so I am their third Bulldog from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. How awesome is that! As soon as they saw me, it was love at first sight. They told me that they had everything ready for me at home, and even my very own loveseat. Also, my new name will be “Margo.” I know I am going to be really spoiled. Foster mom promised me that my furever family would find me and I hit the jackpot! Hopefully, I will see everyone at some of the Bulldog events, and I will check in from time to time.
Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for saving me and to my foster mom for picking me up and giving me a home until I was adopted. When it was time to go, I gave foster mom lots of kisses & hugs and I jumped into the Caddy and off I went.

Toodles for now,  Dottie

Who is this mysterious Bulldog from up north? Why, it’s me… Dottie Gumdrop! Sorry for the late bio on me. I was resting from that long car ride. I was such a good passenger – I only had to make one pit stop. Foster mom and foster auntie had to make a lot of stops… something about a lot of coffee and being old! Well, I am only 4 years old and I am the perfect Bulldog. I have had some cosmetic surgery done ~ nares, tail removal and of course, the removal of the girl parts. The nice lady that saved me took really good care of me and had all my medical stuff done! I am adjusting to my foster home and my favorite spot is on foster parents’ bed. Foster dad really loves me and says I am a really good girl and any family would be lucky to have me. For now, I will just hang out here, sleeping on the bed.

7/11/17 Update:  Dots checking in…you can also call me Dottie Gumdrop. I cannot believe it has already been 3 weeks since I moved from Springfield.  I am loving Texas!  I have been adjusting to my foster home and all of the bullies & Scottie that are here.  Foster mom & dad have discovered that I am a good jumper!  I can jump on their bed and even over the gates in the house.  I have been really good and do all my business outside.  I love to kick a lot after I am done just like my foster brother Zeus.

My vet visit with Dr. Whitworth was great and he said I am in great shape and good health.  Foster Mom & Dad took me to the LSBCR Reunion @ Dogtopia and I had a great time meeting all the other bulldogs and nice people.  I got lots of treats and one of the photographers there – Jeff with The Boxer Group –  took a bunch of pictures of me.  I must say I am pretty photogenic!  He managed to take pics of all of my good sides.  I would love to have a forever family that I can be active with and play a lot.  I will keep you posted on my adventures…Dottie