Miss Dream was adopted yesterday! She made the long trek home to Austin with her new family and was so excited to go with them she jumped right into the car. She has a new bulldog sister named Beatrice and two new loving mommies. I will miss her dearly but Dream (now named Charlie) will have a perfectly spoiled life from here on out. She deserved this happily ever after and I cannot wait to get more updates.

Five year old Dream was surrendered to a local shelter where we picked her up Friday. Her former owners said they could no longer afford her care and hoped someone else could give her the care she needs. She was covered in fleas, so much so that she rubbed her back and tail on the crate all the way to the vet and made it raw and bleeding. She also has hookworms and a double ear infection, and is extremely thin. She also has a small mammary nodule and a small growth on her left front leg. The vet thinks both of these should be removed with no problems. She will receive treatment over the weekend and will be ready for a foster later next week. She is very full of energy and life and will be a dream for someone special to adopt.

10/16/16 Update:  Dream is a perfect bulldog. She fit in immediately and is a pleasure to have with us. She is gentle, calm and easy-going, with a very sweet disposition. She’s a little timid at first but warms up and always wants to be in the same room you are. She’ll nudge her head under your hand so you’ll pet her. She is house trained and likes being in her crate. She likes car rides, baths, sitting in your lap, bed-time. She’s a tiny little thing and we are working to put some weight on her. I’m not used to having a bully I can carry, so I carry and hold her as much as possible.:) Her skin already looks better and she’s not itching. She doesn’t care about toys or bones but will occasionally wrestle with her big bully brothers if they instigate. She is funny and reminds me of Piglet, from Winnie and the Pooh. She knows what to do outside and does it fast so she can run back in the house and jump on the bed. She is good with kids and scared of cats. She’s a doll and would be great for any family.

11/6/16 Update:  Dream is still so thin, I can count every rib. Dream has to be the nicest Bulldog I have ever met. Dream will go out of her way to avoid anyone, any Bulldog, any thing that might be a problem. Dream makes her bed, and she lays down and will never move. Dream would fit in well with any family. Dream is nice and kind in every thing she does. All Dream needs is a lot of food and love.

11/13/16 Update:  My little Dream boat is nothing short of perfect. She decided to take the trip to Waco with me for Rowdy’s adoption today so that we could spend some quality time together. She is perfectly house train, gets along well with the other dogs, cats, and even gets along with the squirrel and the guinea pig. She never makes a peep and sleeps like an angel. She is very well mannered in all aspects except on her leash. We are working on that. Luckily she is so small her tugs on her leash aren’t much to handle. Sometimes Dream can be a little head shy but once she realizes it is a hand of love, she will give the sweetest kisses. Dream would fit best in a home without small children because of her small fear. We are working on putting some much needed weight on her bones but she has proven to be quite the picky eater. Once she is fattened up, she will be even more beautiful.

12/5/16 Update:  Dream is still perfect and waiting on her forever home. She has gained some weight and is now eating very well. Dream is completely potty trained, does great with dogs of all sizes, and does well with cats that aren’t scared of her (she thinks chase is a fun game). Dream would be the perfect Bulldog for any first time Bulldog owner because she is low maintenance and knows her basic commands. She would make a great apartment dog as well because she is athletic enough to climb stairs with ease and is very quiet. I honestly cannot believe I still have this sweetheart. She is everything a dog owner could dream of having. She is also the biggest snuggle bug on the planet! Nothing makes her happier than getting close to you and snuggling under a good blanket. Her leash manners are coming along beautifully as well. Now that she knows indoor etiquette, I think she would be fine with younger kiddos. All Dream wants for Christmas is a family to call her own.