Our special foster boy, Duke, packed his blankie and toys and moved in with his new forever dads, Chris and Lonnie, and Bulldog sister, Czara. This lucky boy has found the home he’s been patiently waiting for and we’re so happy for him. Happy life, sweet Dukie Doo!

What’s a dog to do when he needs to find a new home? He joins rescue. And we are glad that 5 year old Duke has joined us. His first family gave him to friends. But they already had a bulldog, and their bulldog was not happy to share his family. Plus the family realized they could not afford to properly vet and care for Duke so they contacted us. He has a few issues, but nothing that cannot be easily fixed. He has a huge hematoma on one ear, a UTI, lots of yeast in his face folds, and he needs to be neutered. He is at the vet to get all the medical issues checked out and treated and to get his vaccinations. He just loves to be around people and he LOVES belly rubs.

2/2/17 Update:  Duke was being treated for what we thought was a simple UTI; however, things were not getting better. Every few minutes, he was straining to pee or poop. He kept me up much of the night barking to go outside and do nothing but strain. Yesterday, he was scheduled to have his neuter and the hematoma in his ear repaired. With further examination, Dr. W found two large stones lodged in his urethra. He tried to flush the stones back in the bladder and remove them, but they were stuck and not going anywhere. So the only solution was to dissect the urethra and reroute it to run out his abdomen. What does this mean? Well, he got neutered today and now his penis is no longer useful. But he can still urinate. It will just be a little different. Some of you will remember Walker Texas Ranger, a pup in rescue last year. He had similar plumbing and did fine. Duke did well through all his procedures and will be ready to be released soon.

2/13/17 Update:  We’re getting to know our new foster boy, Duke – and so far this is one perfect bulldog! Let’s see – how can I describe him? Well, he’s sweet, MELLOW, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, chicken-friendly, house-trained, squishy, MELLOW, cuddly, handsome, and oh yes, did I say MELLOW? This is one chill bulldog who acts and looks much younger than 5.  And his new plumbing is working just fine. Duke does his business just like he used to and doesn’t even realize he’s got a new “spout” down there.  Where is Duke’s new forever family??  He’s waiting for you!

2/27/17 Update:  Duke had a pretty busy weekend working on the “farm” with his foster mom and pops. He thought it was pretty fun trying to help foster mom remove the horse poop himself and didn’t understand why he kept getting shooed away. Then, when he was helping his foster pops weed the garden, he decided that Jack, the horse, needed to mind his own business and leave ‘em alone. Duke can become ornery if he doesn’t want to do something, like get off the couch and go to bed, or get out of the car, but we’re continuing to work on this behavior. I think he’ll do better in a family without young children. And he loves his crate, blankies, and pillow! He’s just as happy sleeping in his crate at night, as he is sleeping with his foster pops in bed. And did I say he loves his foster pops? He is definitely a man’s man. Duke is a wonderful Bulldog and we are really enjoying his company until his forever family finds him.