Dusty has been adopted by a perfect family. Pics and story to follow.

Dusty arrived a very sick little pup!  He is suffering from severe lung congestion caused by Pulmonary stenosis and is taking breathing treatments daily. He has a fighter spirit and we hope he will eventually outgrow the need for treatments. Pulmonary stenosis is a condition caused by a narrowing of the pulmonary valve opening. Pulmonary stenosis restricts blood flow from the lower right chamber (called the ventricle) to the pulmonary arteries, which delivers blood to the lungs. It is most commonly the result of a congenital heart defect.

1/5/18 Update:  Dusty is doing well in his new foster home and only occasionally requires breathing treatments. And this boy is growing like a weed. He is exploring and learning how to play with his foster brothers and sisters.

1/12/18 Update:  Update from foster boy Dusty: I have found a play buddy in Little Scottie! She likes to run and play with toys just like me. Foster Mom has to stop us to rest, so I don’t get winded & tired. I have been feeling good and taking my baths twice a week. I am one clean Bulldog 🐶🛁! Hopefully my skin will get better… my nickname could be Dusty-patch with all of my missing fur. I also like to pal around with Eddie Grant & Brock. They look tough, but are really softies!

2/2/18 Update:  I have been busy, busy! I had a great time at our event at Shady’s Burgers and I can’t wait until the next one. Foster Mom said it is a Valentine’s Day one… so more kisses to give! Foster Sis upgraded my “Fort” to a “Teepee” and it…is…SWEET! It has pockets for my toys and all my foster bros & sisters like it! I am still getting my two spa days a week with special shampoo for my skin and keeping my playing to a minimum to control my breathing.

Hope to see everybully at our next event. We’ll be at Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum (3600 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226) on Sunday, Feb.11 from 1 until 4 p.m. Until then,  Dusty-Paws

2/20/18 Update:  I had a fun time at Cold Beer Company this past Sunday because I got to hang out with a bunch of my Bulldog friends. I made the rounds, even in the rain, and let everybody pet and love on me. I posed for a few pics and got to talk to some of the Bulldogs who had already been adopted and were in their furever homes. They are so happy! Well, just wanted to check in and share a few pics. Foster Mom keeps telling me I came from “Amazon” because I like to sit in these boxes!
Until next time – Dusty-Paws

7/8/18 Update:  Dusty checking in….I have been really busy helping Foster mom take care of my little bro – Marco.  I make sure he takes all of his medications and gets lots of rest,  so I take a nap when he does!  I have also been supervising in the kitchen when it is mealtime.  It has been so hot outside I can only get a few minutes of sun and then I am heading in the house.  I am looking forward to Merlin’s Birthday Party on Saturday, July 14th,  and seeing all my bullie friends.  Foster mom said my birthday is the day before and I will be – 1 year old.

8/6/18 Update:  Hey everybully –  Dusty Paws here.  So I had a great time at Merlin’s party and enjoyed all of my bully friends and all of the treats that were there.  I ate everything there was…Cake, Ice Cream, Cookies, treats,  hot dogs and even a Cheeto or two.  Let me tell you,  I was not feeling too good later. Foster mom said I was a good boy because I wore my party hat all day and I even brought a party bag for my foster bro, Marco.  He loves Tennis balls.

I have been hanging around inside the house mostly,  just too hot outside. So I thought I would pose for some pics,  maybe I should be a “Model”.  Check out my “head shots”!