Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald

Today was the day I finally got my family! I have been looking for a while, but I wanted to make sure I found the perfect fit for me. 

I am a very shy girl. I love people and other dogs, but it takes me a little while to come out of my shell. My new family gets me and said they will be patient and give me all the time I need. 

I have a fun new sister who is just like me. When I met her, she told me our new parents adopted her also from rescue. Her name is Daisy (formerly known as  Rollie Pollie). Daisy is so excited to have someone to play with now. 

I am so excited to now live the life of luxury with my amazing new family.

I’ve actually been in rescue for two weeks, but I was not feeling like sharing my story yet. I  have been under the weather and taking an antibiotic, but this morning, I got up,  feeling like a million bucks so here I am!

My name is Ella and I am 3 years old. I have always had the same family, but a new member moved home and started to sneeze… a lot. I mentioned they might need a Benadryl, but no one listened to me, so I packed my backpack and decided it was time for me to move. 

My foster says I am the sweetest Bulldog she’s ever met. I do not have one mean bone in my body. I love all the Bulldogs and kids who come over. Although, I can be a little shy and sometimes, I like to sit in the corner and just watch all the action. 

I’m potty trained, walk great on a leash and love to ride in the car. I’ll be having a surgery in the near future and then I will be looking through the approved applications. I want a family who has other dogs, so I will have someone to play with!

4/13/22 Update:  Miss Ella came to stay with us this week and she has to be the most sweetest Bulldog lady ever! Ella is very shy and loves to hang out in her kennel where she feels safe. She has started to venture out though and her silly side is slowly coming out. She loves her Benebone and is starting to figure out that toys are fun too. 

More to come on this precious girl as we get to know her. 

4/26/22 Update:  Ella is still doing amazing in her foster home. She does still love her safe place, but continues to get braver each day. She now will use the doggy door and will also take treats from your hand. We love seeing her silly side come out after meal times. She also should win a prize for the world’s greatest stink eye. She loves the other dogs in the house. Her face lights up when she sees alumna Lola Grace. 

Whomever gets to give this sweet girl a furever home will be so lucky.

4/27/22 Update:  Ella Fitzgerald is still doing well in her foster home. She’s even been showing interest in trying to play with other dogs. 

Ella is obsessed with her Benebones and will happily lay on her bed and chew away for hours. 

When Ella came into her foster home, she was scared of her foster pops, but with lots of patience, love and snacks, he was able to win her over and they now enjoy having their silly playtime. 

This sweet girl deserves the best life and we can’t wait to see her in a furever home where she feels loved and safe.

5/18/22 Update:  Miss Ella Fitzgerald is enjoying relaxing at the B&B while her foster family travels. Ella is the sweetest, most laid back girl… but she LOVES playtime after dinner with her little pug buddy every night!

5/25/22 Update:  Ella loves to sit and watch (judge) everyone at all times! She also loves playtime after every meal. She’s great with dogs, cats and chickens! She loves attention and sits perfectly for her daily wrinkle cleanings. 

6/1/22 Update:  Ella returned to her foster home last weekend after her foster mom and pops returned from traveling and, boy, has she changed. She still loves her safe place, but she is also playing like a 6-month-old puppy! Ella has really come out of her shell. She still can be shy, but she is the sweetest girl.

This is Ella and her foster sister, Frankie Sue, having wrestle mania this morning.

6/9/22 Update:   It was another great week in my foster home. I do admit I’m a little sad though. 

Yesterday, my wrestle mania friend, Frankie Sue, left to go live with her new family. I mean, I am super happy for her, but now, I don’t have anyone to play with. All the other dogs in my foster home are nice, but they don’t really play.

At the moment, Foster Dad is my best friend and he plays with me. Funny how I was scared of him when I first moved in and now I LOVE him.

I really can’t wait to find my own family. I have met a few great families, but sadly, they weren’t the right matches for me. 

My foster parents say I am the sweetest girl and am very easy to take care of. I am shy, but I love everyone. I’m just looking for the special family who will help me to continue to come out of my shell. 

6/13/22 Update:  Why is it that just when I find a nice comfy spot to sunbathe, one minute later, here comes Foster Momma fussing at me to get back inside? She keeps going on about how Bulldogs aren’t allowed to be out in the sun for long. Not sure how else I’m supposed to get a nice tan so I can wear my bikini!