Emily has been adopted! From her foster momma: I am so excited her and her new family! Emily took to them like she has known them forever. Her future is looking brighter than ever!

Please welcome 3-year-old Emily to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. She was picked up this morning from a local shelter. She has an awful looking tumor on her right hip and a tight corkscrew tail, but she’s on her way to the vet and will be healthier soon! And thankfully, she is heart worm negative!

8/15/16 Update:  Emily is a GREAT Bulldog. Emily had a huge tumor removed from her leg and a Freddy Krueger scar to prove it, but she is one happy Bulldog! Emily does not know “walk,” only run. Emily does not know “down,” only leap through the air and jump. Emily is young, beautiful and active. Very active. Emily spent the first night barking, just to bark, but the red can of Pet Corrector and the words “Stop Barking” made her understand and she has not barked since. Emily’s perfect family will NOT have small kids, but they will be active and love to walk. Emily does great on a leash, and can really walk far for a Bulldog, and is really a easy Bulldog to love.

8/21/16 Update:  Emily is on a high-calorie diet because she is just really thin. And fast. Emily is about 50 lbs of skin and bones and has the ability to table surf and counter surf. Whoever adopts Emily will get an amazing and loving Bulldog. She begs for attention, walks great on a leash and has the most beautiful face, but doesn’t like other dogs. Emily is young, and for the family that is happy with just one Bulldog, this would be the one!

10/1/16 Update:  She must be the only thing with fur in the family, but for the family that only wants ones dog: she is the one. Emily adores people and kids, walks fabulous on a leash and dances with delight when she sees anyone.

10/9/16 Update:  I have Emily and she is such a sweetheart! Lots of energy and just follows me around everywhere. She has had a few accidents, but for the most part, is just a joy to have. We walk at least once a day and she is great on a leash. I heard she isn’t real fond of other dogs, so I have steered clear of situations where she would have to interact and things have gone great. She is a love!

10/16/16 Update:  This girl is such a joy! How blessed am to have this sweet girl at my house! Three of my kids were home this weekend and they just love her! Emily snuggled closest to my daughter that really doesn’t love dogs and won her over! She is is not real fond of other dogs but by herself she is absolutely perfect!

10/25/16 Update:  Miss Emily is just a love! First pic is her being sad I was leaving for work! She loves to sleep in my bed! She is a buddy to all! Loved people and loves being involved with whatever is going on. She is a little more challenging around other dogs but it is more about wanting to play than fight. I have worked with her some on this. She is a work in progress!! Whoever get this sweet girl will be so blessed! She is just a love! Can’t wait to see who gets her!

11/6/16 Update:   Emily is still an absolute joy! She has been my buddy everywhere we go. She seems to be fattening up a bit, but we haven’t weighed her. We walk every day, sometimes twice a day. She is curious and loves being outside walking. We will be at Burgers and Bulldogs in Arlington this weekend so we can show her off to some families!