Emma Lou

Emma Lou

Well Merry Christmas to me! See me with my new family? That’s right, a couple weeks ago Santa heard me whisper in his ear and he brought me the most amazing family. I was actually adopted about 2 weeks ago but for the life of me I could not get everyone to look the same direction, or sit still for a picture. And besides, the cat kept running away. It was like watching a 3 ring circus. But I love everyone. And everyone loves me. So my mom is BJ and my Dad is Shane. Shane has a blue and gold Macaw, a rescue parrot on his arm. Shane is also holding Eriel a rescue pug.  BJ is holding a Scarlet Macaw on her shoulder and of course is holding me while Jake another pug is looking around. Lucky is the white terrier/westie dog in the front and Sassy the cat refused to sit still. So still no cat pic.  So now if you are wondering am I interested in the parrots? Not at all. They come walking down the hall with wings spread and I learned quick to respect the beak. I have a huge yard and so many critters to play with, it’s like a dream come true.  So if you ever wonder how it is to move into a blended family, it is wonderful.  Love ya’ll forever, Emma Christy Lou.

I’ve had quite the journey! Somehow, someway, I ended up at a local shelter. The people at the shelter were wonderful to me. I even got to go home with one of the ladies who works there. The shelter folks then called Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. A rescue volunteer came that very day and took me home with her. I got to eat a hamburger and have a bath as soon as I got to the volunteer’s home.

Now, I’m at Dr. Larsen’s office to see if I have any medical issues. I sure look healthy, so keep you fingers crossed for me.

I want to thank all my family at the shelter for taking care of me and loving me during my stay. A special thanks to “Sweet Mama,” who took me home with her every night and over the weekend. She loved me like her own until it was time for me to join my rescue family. I took a picture with all of them to share with you. By the way, “Sweet Mama” is the one looking at me, instead of the camera.

Well, that’s my story. You’ll be hearing from me soon, after I settle in to rescue. I’m so happy to be here!