Carly has been adopted! From her foster pops: You heard right ~ she is off to West Texas, y’all! It seemed to be love at first sight with Carly. She laid her eyes on Doug and staked her claim on the fella. LOL He got down on one knee and she couldn’t wait to be in his arms. What a perfect match they make.

He went outside to grab the official “I gotcha collar” and she was yelling as soon as he was out of her sight. We knew right then, she found her furever dad. She is getting treated with a nice comfy blanket and treats for her trip home. We will miss you, Carly, and can’t wait for all the pic updates!

Hey ya’ll it’s me Fat Carly! Now don’t start gasping for air because my name starts with “Fat.”  I named myself, and I LOVE my name! When you say Fat Carly I become a dancing fool! When you just say Carly, I just sit and stare at you! I am 4 years old and I am to most people, perfect in every way!  I do have a big appetite, but not for chicken. I am allergic to chicken, but anything else I love!  I came from a home with other dogs and I loved them all. Little, big, short or tall I love them all. The family also had cats and a big pig. I loved those too. In the pasture were goats and some horses. I tried chasing the goats—not a good idea. They chase back! I guess what I am trying to say is I really am a friend to all! Fat Carly a beautiful bulldog!

3/8/18 Update:   Boy, yesterday was a whirlwind of a day for me. First, I got a bath when I woke up because I wanted to look my best for my new foster family. I have to say, as soon as I saw my foster pops sitting, I just ran over to him. He welcomed me with open arms and gave me lots of hugs and kisses! The foster parents got the run down from my sweet care takers at Bright Star Animal Clinic. I still need some love and care to get me back to 100%. When I strutted into my foster home, I was welcomed by seven other curious Bulldogs. Showing them that I am a friendly girl seemed to work. I lugged in my suitcase and unpacked all my things. It’s nice to have my own room. It will help me get adjusted quickly. I’m told I need to lose a few pounds and I am up for the challenge. I worked out on the weight bench and man, was that a fun experience. Well, my foster family said I need to wrap this up because we are going to cuddle and watch a movie. I will give you another update soon!

4/12/18 Update:  Hello it’s me Carly, If there is anyone that wants a cuddle buddy I’m your woman.  I am leash trained and love shorts walks in the early mornings or evenings.  I have beautiful brown eyes and soft fur.  Laying around in my bed is what I call paradise.  Funny though anytime I hear my foster pops get up I need to go investigate what he is up too.  The weather has been so nice today.  Grass between my paws and breeze across my ears.  These are she small things in life I’m waiting to share with my furever family.