Fatty Cakes

Fatty Cakes

Ms F. Cakes has some amazing news to share with her friends and family—she has found her forever home and that home is in east Texas.

Her new Mom, Dad and 2 fur sisters piled into the car to make their trek west to meet our little feisty girl. Cakes pranced and wiggled her way into their heart.  Who could resist her?

This beautiful bulldog landed in Rescue this past June and what a transformation she has made. It took a very long time to gain her trust, but once we did, she quickly became a favorite of this foster mom. She has also lost some much needed pounds and had a life-altering surgery done on her palate.  There is no stopping Ms Cakes now!

Happy tails, angel.  We will miss you!

I know what you are thinking. But I happen to love my name. In fact it is the only name that “fits” me!  Get it?  My name is Fatty Cakes and I joined rescue today.

I have a few health issues and my parents have spent a small fortune on me. But things just didn’t seem to get better. So they hoped rescue, with all their resources, could get to the bottom of my problems. So I was taken to see Dr. Larsen and her staff today. Dr. Larsen said I was too big for her lap, so she got down on the floor with me and checked me all out.

I think I am going to like her, but she has already mentioned losing a few pounds, but she explained why. She said, “Fatty Cakes, you are just too sweet, but your breathing scares me and probably does you. You turn blue when you move around. We will get you to a surgeon and he will shorten your palate that is causing you to choke. But to help you even more, you do need to lose a few pounds.” I also have lots of eye problems. I have dry eye and glaucoma. Dr. Larsen says that is unusual for a girl my age. She thinks it is because of my weight and breathing difficulties. We will check it with an eye doctor after my surgery.

So I am going to hang out at the clinic for a while and get all the attention I can. I just hope they let me cheat a little on my diet. So get ready for the new and improved Fatty Cakes! I will be a little thinner, but there will still be plenty to love!

7/31/19 Update:  Cakes, Cakey Cakes, Cakester…this girl will answer to them all.   I have never seen more personality in a bulldog than Cakes.  We all know that this precious girl needs to lose a few pounds and usually a plump bulldog, or any dog, usually means a lazy dog.  Um, not her.  She darts, jukes and will bull rush you like she is a lithe greyhound!  All the while sounding like a happy motorboat chugging down a lake.  When Cakes came into Rescue, she couldn’t see well at all, but now, she has eagle eyes with some care and eye drops.  Honestly, the “blindness” didn’t even slow her down.  She believes in living life to the fullest!  We think she spent a fair amount of her time in a crate as she is still peeing on her bedding or blankets, but Cakes is also doing her business outside, too.  Cakes gets along with boy or girl dogs with no problem and seems to enjoy their company.  When we gets wound up, she gets mouthy and for that, we say no small kids with little fingers. When she goes for walks, she is all-out in the beginning, pulling against the harness, so she needs more work in that department.

She has no toy or food aggression and she is just a joy to foster.  She makes her foster mom and dad smile and laugh…with her, of course.

9/10/19 Update:  Cue the Diana Ross song because Cakes is coming out…. a new Bulldog! Cakes had her palate surgery on Wednesday and is doing fantastic! Before the surgery, her breathing was so labored that she sounded like a motor boat chugging down a river. Now? She can actually sneak up on you while your head is in the fridge. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet little girl, as she wants to play and run around. It’s a brand new lease on life and she is ready to goooo! Cakes’ perfect family would be with older kids. She still gets amped up and may excitedly nip tiny fingers. A family that has some Bulldog experience would be great too with her stubbornness to listen. We are working on her house training, as she will still pee on her blankets. We feel that she was crated most of her life, so that is what she knows. With patience, she will overcome it. She really does want to please. She is getting along very well with her foster siblings, but is more of a people dog and would rather be with you. Cakes is definitely the clown of the house and will put a smile on your face!

9/22/19 Update:  Our little white fluff-ball of a foster has had a wonderful week in her foster home.  She continues to be the clown of the house, entertaining us without even meaning to!

Cakes has healed nicely from her palate surgery and we can tell how awesome she feels.  She can now even sneak up on you!  She continues to get along with her foster siblings, keeping company with them, but she isn’t much of a player with the other pups.  Being with her humans is where its at for this girl.  Cakes happily follows her peeps around, even helping out with folding the laundry, keeping you company, of course.  A family that has bulldog experience would be best for her as she has some typical issues, like dry eyes that need care a couple of times a day, facial folds that like to stay moist and bulldog stubbornness!  She does get pretty excited at times and will nip at some fingers, so a family with no small children is best.  She is doing very well with her house training, too.  Cakes is an absolute delight to have around, even with a touch of naughtiness!