Ferris came into rescue 145 days ago, a shell of a Bulldog. He was emaciated, with so much hair missing, scars from laying only on concrete and of course, he was heartworm positive. Let’s not forget the scars all over his head that are indicative of him being a bait dog for fighting dogs to attack as “practice.”

From the first day he was rescued and arrived at Dr. Larsen’s clinic, he was nothing but loving and sweet to everyone he met. His sweet brown eyes just begged for love and attention, anything you were willing to give him. Ferris was also a thoughtful boy, always flopping over at your feet, to give you easier access to his belly. 🙂

As his foster parents, it was our job from day one to put some meat on those skinny little bones of his. I gotta say, it’s fun feeding and spoiling a Bulldog in this way and even better watching the ribs disappear. Heartworm treatment happened and Ferris breezed right through the 30-day rest like a champ.

We started a ritual of him sitting with me in my office chair while I worked on adoption applications. He wanted to give his stamp of approval, too! He would put his head on my shoulder and rest, or curl up on my side. No one is more affectionate than Ferris.

Then it happened.

A wonderful family saw his face and read his story on the website and thought he was the one. I must admit: I didn’t think it would happen because the family has always had more than one Bulldog at a time and wanted the same dynamic again. See, Ferris really wants to be the only thing with fur in his home. Who can blame him, considering he has not treated well by other dogs?

But when his now forever family met him, it was love from the start! Ferris greeted them like he knew they were there for him and only him. He had met his forever family.

Saturday was adoption day and we couldn’t have picked a more wonderful, loving and perfect family for this special boy. It was meant to be. Ferris trotted out to his truck with his mom and dad, never looking back… happy and confident. Happy tails, angel. You will always be in our hearts.

I may be a classic case of neglect. Thankfully, I somehow ended up in a shelter. That led to my new and much better life in rescue.

I was covered with fleas. My eyes, ears and everything else were a mess. I am very underweight for a boy my size. I also tested positive for those nasty heartworms! But they told me at the shelter I could get medicine to kill them and I will be as good as new.

I love being around people and will follow right beside you. I also get along with other dogs.

So I am off to the vet clinic to get checked out and everything treated. I trust it will not be long until I am fat and happy again. When I am, I will be ready to be matched with my forever family. I am just looking for one that will love me and take good care of me. Are you willing to give me a chance?

5/8/19 Update:  Hello, everyone!  Ferris checking in from my foster home.  Wow, my first week in my new digs has been a-mazing!  I have great, healthy grub to eat like I’ve never had before.  Foster Mom also gives me these things, called satin balls and they are so tasty.  She just gives me one after the other, mumbling something about covering up my bones.  Hey, I’ll play along if it makes her happy. I also get to wear some cool duds since I am a little itchy. My second favorite thing about being here is that I get all the loving any bullie could ever want or need.

I must say, I’ve been pretty starved for affection at this point.  I just can’t get close enough to my humans.  I get kisses and belly rubs galore!  I like this life much more than the one I had on the streets.  I heard foster Mom say that I need to get fattened up for something called heart worm treatment.  I choose to concentrate on the phrase, “fatten up” right now, thank you. Keep the satin thingys coming, I say!  I do have some other guys here that look like me and I really do like them.  They are nice to keep warm with on a fluffy bed.  I’ve been going outside to do my business, but she says I still have some work to do, so I will take her word for it.  Gonna go take another long nap while the rain is here…makes me sleepy!

5/20/19 Update:  Ferris had a great week in his foster home! He continues to be a loving Bulldog, following you around to every room you go. He simply adores his people. He is getting along great with his foster siblings and learning that foster mom can love on the other dogs and not forget him. Ferris continues to gain much needed weight and his skin improves daily. He is a champ at taking his medicated baths and even having his nails done. Ferris is a pleaser and all he asks for in return is your attention. We are still working on the house training, but he has had much improvement. Next up for Ferris is having his heartworm treatment, followed by 30 days of rest for those pesky worms to die and dissolve. Ferris has such a bright future and will be an amazing addition to a family.

6/17/19 Update:  I’m checking in from my 30-day confinement to get rid of these nasty heartworms once and for all. I really dont mind the rest because boy, am I getting pampered. My meals are brought to me in bed, toys are also ushered to me with just a wimper and I’m getting all the snuggles I can get. A Bulldog could get used to this!

Foster mom says that after this, I will be looking for my forever home and she said it will be as amazing as I am. I haven’t had the easiest life, having been a stray on the street and all. I tell you what: I sure am appreciative after leaving that old life behind and I sure do show it. I will snuggle with you all day, if you like and foster mom says I give the best kisses. I just want to be with my family… that’s not asking for too much!

I am still working on my house training and I’m walking well on my leash, though rest is what is happening now. I love to eat and I’ve put on 10 much-needed pounds at this joint! My skin is looking so much better with baths that I love to take. It’s just another way to get petted… with soap and water!

I’m thinking I’d like to be the only thing with fur in my forever home. I’m still making up for all that time on the streets with no love, so I just don’r want to share. I do think some smaller humans would be great to live with because I’d get more snuggles!

7/31/19 Update:  Ferris would like everyone to know that he is doing fabulous and is all done with his heartworm treatment! Gone are all those nasty worms. He is single and ready to mingle.

Ferris wants nothing more than to be with you, wherever you are. Walking around doing housework? He’s right behind you. Sitting on the couch watching TV? He’s snuggled up as close as he can get to you, content to lay there for as long as you want.

Ferris has not had an easy life and it shows. His pressure points are without hair, most likely due to always being on concrete. He has scars on his head and body from possibly being used as bait for dog fights. This is why Ferris needs to live in a home without other dogs and we can certainly understand why.

Walks are another one of his favorite things to do with you and he does very well on a leash. House training is coming along with only a couple of accidents here and there. Frankly, those were foster mom’s fault!

His skin is doing so much better, but will always need regular care to keep it in check.

I dare you not to fall in love with this boy, with his sweet eyes and how he holds up his paw to you for just one more belly scratch! Could you be the forever family that he so richly deserves?