This adoption story is all about what patience, work and love can do. And about how not giving up has its rewards.  

I did the home visit with Jeremy and Jenee. I stressed that I would make sure they got a super-easy foster dog, as this would be their first. 

And this was almost their last.  

One day into this fostering thing, Jenee was on the phone with me… “Come get this dog. We can’t do this. He is crazy. He will not be still. He likes to nip and play non-stop.”

I felt bad. Really bad. After all, they were new volunteers and he was young. He had been picked up as a stray, so really no one knew how he would act in a home. 

As I scrambled around trying to find another foster home for Figgy, Figgy was worming his way into their hearts.  

Then another phone call…. “We are going to try. He’s better today.” 

I let out a heavy sigh of relief. I thought, “Thank God. Don’t give up. We will send a trainer. Just don’t give up.” 

Then the phone calls stopped and the texts became fewer and fewer. 

Figgy was learning what being a part of a family meant. He was learning manners and that running 90 miles per hour through the house, knocking people over, was just not cool.  

Weeks turned into months and trips to the ophthalmologist became routine. Figgy’s eyes were terrible. No tear production at first, but then with the right medication, his eyes were getting better… and Figgy was getting better. Figgy was becoming a part of the family. 

The old Figgy is gone. This new Figgy knows not to jump on people and to wait for food. Even if he slips up and runs 90 miles per hour through the house again, he will always have a home ~ with a family who loves him and a family who didn’t give up…. when giving up would have been the easiest thing to do.  

Figgy has gained some much-needed weight, he knows where the toy basket is and his favorite thing to do is play ball.  

Yesterday Figgy’s skin brother tossed a ball, Figgy ran through the room, hit the wall, then jumped back up…. but still returned the ball. 

That’s all Figgy ever needed ~ someone to love him, play with him and never give up. Because giving up is never a good option. Especially for Figgy. 

My name is Figgy because who doesn’t like figgy pudding and all that holiday cheer? And believe me, I have plenty to be cheerful about!

I found myself wondering the streets. Maybe my parents were looking for me or maybe they purposely let me go? 

Either way, I found a nice porch and a family who fed me. I sat on their porch for several days, hoping I could just live there, but they had pups and adding another one to their family was just not meant to be.

The nice lady made some calls and she found a rescue group that helps pups like me. So after weeks of being alone, I’m now safe! 

My eyes are in terrible shape and have been for sometime, but it doesn’t slow me down. I have scrapes, cuts, and bruises, but despite all that, I am one happy and playful pup. I already know how to sit and I’m gentle when taking treats. 

I heard I was going to rest in this foster home for a while before I go off to see the famous Dr. Larsen. I heard she does amazing things for us Bulldogs! 

My scars show that I’ve lived through some hard days and now, I’m so very grateful for the new chance of a beautiful life! 

12/13/21 Update:   Aster and Figgy are the sweetest and loving pups! 

Figgy is young and energetic, but also enjoys his beauty sleep! He sits and is house trained. He’s a submissive boy who loves everyone, human and fur!

There are a couple of families out there who will be very lucky one day!

1/7/22 Update:  It’s me, Figgy! I had such a great first day at my new foster home. At first, I was so excited, hopping around and sniffing everything and everyone I could! I would even try to jump up and kiss them to thank them for the great place to stay, but they told me that was not polite to jump that high! I learned really quickly! Foster Mom says I’m a great boy and I learn really fast. At first i was confused about where to potty, but after a little bit, my new foster fur brother and sister showed me exactly what to do and where to go. They are so nice and helpful! I like to hop around and play with them once in a while too, but for the most part, I like staying right by foster Mom’s side. I follow her everywhere because she seems to keep everything in line and gives me treats when I’m a good boy 🙂 So far I’m living my best foster life, laying on the couch by the fireplace, hanging out with my new foster fur brother and sister, my skin brother and sister who are teens, and my foster parents! I love this place!

1/10/22 Update:  There has been so much that my foster parents have learned about me in the last few days. 

First of all, even though I had eye surgery, I really do not like the eye drops my foster parents have to put in my eyes! As a matter of fact, Foster Mom says that I move so much, it should be classified as an athletic spor. I know everyone enjoys a good workout! 

Besides that, Foster Mom and Dad say I’m a perfect boy. I’m learning how to ring the bell like my fur sister when I have to go outside! As a matter of fact, I already did it twice today. My foster parents come sprinting and open that door and I go right out like a good boy! 

Another thing I’m learning is how to play with my foster fur siblings with manners. I’m a very bouncy guy when it comes to playing, but I don’t try to hurt anyone. I’m just loving life and having fun! Sometimes, I’ll even roll on my back to show I just want to play! 

Besides that, I love to lay around with my foster family. I feel like I always need to be near them, touching them while I am on the couch! Sometimes, I will turn and nibble their chin or nose. It’s the way I show them I love them! 

The last thing is that my foster parents say I am a great sleeper. I go right in my cage at night, fluff my blankets and fall asleep! Life is good.

1/13/22 Update:  I’m really enjoying hanging out with my foster fur siblings! We all love to play with toys. Mom and Dad says I am a big goofball when it comes to playing! I can play with or without my for foster brother and sister. I love to take the red bouncy ring and throw it up in the air and chase it all by myself! My fur parents think it is so funny! Hey, at least I can entertain myself! i’m really getting the hang of this family thing, and I can’t wait to find a forever family of my own that I can love and hang out with just like my foster family! Ive been such a very good boy, ringing the bell when I have to use the bathroom, and getting better at taking my eyedrops. One day at a time! Mom says I am such a smart cookie…one of the smartest shes ever seen! I can see that eye drop bottle from a mile away! Dr Larsen says hopefully those will be done with as soon as my eyes heal from surgery and i get my stitches out on the 18th. Another thing my foster parents think is crazy, Is that I don’t shed much at all! My foster siblings shed way more than I do. I guess that’s good for my foster parents since I don’t add too much more hair to the family! Anyhow, I am going to get back to chasing my red bouncy ring!

1/16/22 Update:   I’m so excited for this week! On Tuesday, I’ll get the stitches out of my eyelids. I can’t wait! Foster Mom says I’m getting so much better taking eye drops, but hopefully, I won’t need them much longer. 

Also, we went on a walk when the weather was nice this week. I loved it! It was so much fun walking with my foster fur brother and sister. There were so many things to look at and sniff! Foster Mom says I did well on a leash. 

Speaking of outside, I’m getting really good at ringing the bell to go out. I pretty much have the hang of it. I haven’t had one accident in the house since the first day I met my foster family. I understand that potty is for outside! 

Finally, I know they didn’t win, but I’d still like to cheer… go Cowboys!

1/21/22 Update:  Figgy and his foster fur sister have been playing what seems like all day, just like this! They just took a water break for 5 minutes, and got right back at it. They are making us tired just watching them!

1/25/22 Update:  Figgy and his foster fur sister have been playing what seems like all day! They took a water break for 5 minutes, and got right back at it. They are making us tired just watching them!

1/27/22 Update:  As I came around the corner with the vacuum cleaner, it looked like Figgy was whispering to Pepper, and I knew right then and there that these two were definitely making a plan to either escape or destroy it! 🙂

Figgy has been doing very well with his new training skills! He is doing way less jumping and more sitting! He understands many new words including “sit”, “outside”, “no”, “bed”, “treat” and the most important, “good boy”! He is getting better with his manners every day it seems, and he’s starting to understand now that it’s not ok to “mouth” when he wants something.  He is still one of the absolute sweetest Bulldogs I have ever seen, so his new learned skills just add to that sweetness! Figgy has come a long way in a matter of days, as he is such a smart boy! I know he would love to share his new skills with a new furever family!

2/2/22 Update:  My foster mom wanted me to show you what a good boy I can be. Look at me, just patiently waiting for my treat, while my foster brother and sister are trying to get my attention!

Earlier this week, my foster parents took me on a nice long walk in the beautiful weather with my two foster fur siblings, and it was awesome! Then we came back and watched Kansas City beat the Buccaneers… and Foster Mom shared a bit of her buttered popcorn with us. It was so yummy! 

2/16/22 Update:  Today, my fur siblings and I were so excited because we got Valentine’s Day presents in the mail! The package had a big pink and red cupcake, a donut and a bunch of treats! We were so happy… I think you can see it in my eyes in the picture Foster Mom took of me!  

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, my foster parents say that I am truly a lover! I always want to be next to them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! I have to put my behind right on them at all times. I think it’s because I love them, which makes them my valentines too! I love to give them kisses and nibble their noses, whenever I get the chance.  Foster Mom says it’s so cute! 

Anyhow, I’d love to share my kisses and nibbles with you too, and hopefully, be your valentine one day soon!

3/7/22 Update:   Figgy has been in absolute heaven the last week in this beautiful sunshine! He just loves to bask in the sun by the pool and hang out by me while I work outside. He’s just the sweetest little guy!

6/9/22 Update:   I know it’s been a while since we have given an update on Figgy, but we had some challenges with his eyes recently. 

When we first got Figgy, his eyes were so dry with hardly any tear production. We were putting drops in his eyes and flushing them at least 4-5 times a day. 

After a few months of doing that and a visit to the eye doctor, we came up with a plan which helped him tremendously. He began to get some tear production back and he started improving. 

We did have a little set back recently, but overall, his eyes are way better than they were originally. He currently requires drops at least three times per day. 

He is such a good, spoiled boy! He is sweet, goofy and loves everyone, including his fur siblings. He constantly licks them and plays with them! 

Figgy use to jump up on anyone that came in the door, but he has learned his manners and no longer does that. 

He is crate trained (only goes in at bedtime), house trained (has never had an accident in six months of having him) and can be free to roam when we aren’t home. 

He is truly a perfect boy and would be a perfect addition to a home where he has a good amount of space indoors to play and roam, and at least one fur sibling. 

He is a perfect patient when putting in eye drops, but he will need someone that understands that his eyes need care and are willing to take him to his eye appointments as needed.