Flora met with her forever family on Saturday evening. It was a teary and emotional day for us, but Flora was ready. She had an amazing time playing and she showed off her tricks and skills she learned while being with her foster parents. Flora is excited to meet the rest of her family!

Flora here and you may recognize me! I was found on the streets and picked up by a nice family that told me about a wonderful place where lost Bulldogs go. So off I went to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and that family was not kidding, there were bulldogs everywhere. I strutted in the house and thought, this place is going to be amazing. There is a lady at the home and she goes by foster mom, she told me the first thing we’re going to do is try and find my family. So I was plastered all over social media, that’s why I may look familiar. While I waited for my family to find me, I relaxed and worked on filling my belly, which I absolutely love to do. I also had a spa day, even though I did feel better afterwards I could live without spa days. Water is not my favorite but who knows maybe I will learn to love it. I waited everyday for foster mom to get home to see if my family found me then the day came. 

Foster mom said “well baby girl it looks like you are staying in rescue”. Not that I did not want to find my family but I was super excited about meeting all the new people foster mom had told me about. Foster mom also told me stories of what life would be like and I just can’t wait for this new life to get started! I hear that Dr. Larsen has a very famous lap and that all bulldogs get to go sit on it or at least try and now it is my turn. My name is Flora, I am 2 years old, and today is the first day of my new beautiful life!

6/10/21 Update:  Flora is one brave and super confident little girl. She busted in through the front door and quickly identified the back door to use the potty. She is playful and loves attention. She loves to beg for food and we will be focusing on training to curb that. 🙂 She takes her eye drops and lubricant like a champ. Bedtime has been a breeze – she loves her crate and she loves her new blankets. Contrary to the Bulldog stereotype, Flora does not snore.

6/15/21 Update:  Flora continues to explore the outside and we have discovered that she’s intrigued with the basil plants! 😂

She grabbed a shoe to play with, but we corrected her. She may need some more training with that.
Flora is food-driven and can get impatient for treats. She gets overly excited and then losses focus at the start of training. She inhaled her food the first night, so we purchased a slow-feeding bowl. She doesn’t like it too much yet. She will take two to three breaks as she eats, but that’s better for her.
Flora is not a fan of the stairs. She takes three to four steps, and then comes back down. She’ll eventually get them, I’m sure.
Flora becomes really excited when we sit down to watch a show on the couch. It takes her about 15-20 minutes to calm down. Maybe she just doesn’t like our show choices?
6/20/21 Update:  Flora has adjusted to her foster home very well. She goes to the back door and patiently awaits for Foster Dad to start his coffee and let her out. She has adjusted to the feeding schedule as well. Foster Dad saw that Flora is a bit rambunctious so he got her a sturdy bone to chew and release some energy. Flora goes to bed on time and has no issues using her crate!
7/2/21 Update:  I have had some off white and green discharge in both of my eyes, but good news! I have an ophthalmologist appointment on July 13 to get my eyes checked out.
I am eating really well here at my foster family’s house. They spoil me with peanut butter and I even like cold cucumbers!
Foster Mum has a thing called a treadmill and she walks on it a lot, so today I decided to get on it and stop her from working out. I convinced her to snuggle instead. It worked! I’m basking in all the love and affection.
7/7/21 Update:  Foster Mum thinks this is a fashion show. She puts this ridiculous cooling vest on me before going outside and then takes 50 pictures of me. I’m sure you can see how much I love it. 🤔😏😏 – foster girl Flora
7/12/21 Update:  Foster Mum yelled “dinner time” and I rushed downstairs as fast I could. Can you believe that almost two weeks ago I was afraid of the stairs? That’s was the old me. I am really confident and excited to learn new things. I am still working on my walking on a leash. I tend to pull but that’s only because I can’t wait to get to the park and smell new things. Anyway, I’m off to play with my favorite blue squeaky toy.
7/20/21 Update:  My foster mum is taking training to a whole new level. She makes me give her so many 5s! Why does she want so many? I’m starting to really get commands like “come and stay” pretty well. Sometimes, if I don’t see the treat I won’t do either.


I have adjusted quite well here with my foster parents. I have had two little accidents in the house. I felt so bad I even tried to clean it my self.

I am currently taking some meds for my eyes. Turns out I had a small infection and I am responding well to the medication.

That’s all for now. Gotta get back to my nap before foster mum makes me work again.

8/27/21 Update:  Hello friends! It’s me Flora!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while. Foster mom had a situation in Vegas she needed to tend to. I’m having the most fun with my foster daddy while foster mom is handling a debacle. I am spoiled rotten and loving it. I had an eye infection and tummy issues but I’m recovered from my eye issue and my food was adjusted to a different protein. Who knew chicken would be so tasty? I’m still learning new tricks but overall I’m a really well mannered girl who loves attention, treats and naps. I do love my designated play time in the evenings, this is when I play hide n seek with foster mom and she finds me so quickly (I hide in the same spot).

I am ready for my forever family. I have not had the greatest experience with other dogs, but I love kids!  Let my friends at LSBCR know you’d like to meet me. Got 2 go, it’s past my bedtime!