It’s been a really difficult year for Brian and Melissa, after losing Bruno, Sleigh, Aretha and Mabel. It seemed as if one of their dogs was leaving for the Rainbow Bridge every couple months.

And then Fonzie walked in… into their home and right into Melissa and Brian’s hearts. Fonzie was around when Sleigh left, and when Aretha left and when Mabel left. He was right there to lick away the tears.

Fonzie is not a young fella himself. He’s a senior Bulldog who is so sweet and loving. Fonzie likes the resident cat, the chihuahua, and the other Bulldogs at the house.

Fonzie hit the jackpot when he arrived at Brian and Melissa’s home. He’s come a long way … from a Bulldog who once was forced to live outside in his former life, and now to a Bulldog who wears a life jacket while floating around the pool. Congratulations, everyone!

Ayyyyy it’s me Fonzie! Remember me from Happy Days? I can make juke boxes play and ladies swoon with the snap of my fingers! Unfortunately, I’ve had some very sad days lately. My family went their separate ways, so I found myself with a kind family member who took me in for a few months until the landlord said I had to go!

Then a nice nurse and her family saw my story and realized how iconic I was and contacted rescue and here I am!

So I grabbed my comb, put it in my pocket, took one last look in the mirror, threw on my leather coat, hopped on my bike and started my engine for Sulphur Springs! I will say there are some fine ladies at Brightstar Veterinary Clinic and some cool dudes too! The ladies tell me I’m strong and easy on the eyes! Dr. Larsen makes me blush because she tells me I’m sweet and calls me by my first name Arthur- Arthur Fonzarelli you know..she is pretty sweet herself and I’m so grateful for everyone’s care and hospitality. So far I seem pretty healthy. I love to eat, cuddle, play, go on walks, be with people and other dogs – so we are ready to rock around the clock and find me a forever home! Ayyyy it’s me Fonzie and it’s Happy Days again!!

4/26/20 Update:  Fonzie is a total joy to foster! He is smart, funny and so handsome. Sure, he doesn’t have short legs and a short body, but he is just perfect the way he is!

He loves to play and go for walks. He has managed to tolerate my own territorial furries and his foster sister, Aretha. He is smooth and easy going and and ignores their antics.

He is terrified of thunderstorms, so we spent a little time hanging in the closet yesterday. We will be getting him a Thunder Shirt before the next storm arrives!

He loves kids and is sweet and gentle with them. He is a perfect family dog who just wants to be loved and near his people. He may be a senior at 8, but he acts and lives like he is about 3!

I adore this sweet boy and everyone who meets him does too.

4/28/20 Update:   Brian had a big helper this weekend with smoking duties: Fonzie! He loves being outside. He is still settling in and we are still learning what makes him tick, but he is the most polite dog ever. He is still timid with both of our dogs and the neighbors’ dogs. He seems to love kids, but is shy around them too right now. He loves to play and walk. I just know he would love a family with kids to help him with these activities. He is a happy, sweet boy who just makes us smile!