Frankie Sue

Frankie Sue

Yesterday was a wonderful day because it was the first day I met my new momma, human sister and Frenchie sister, Mocha. I loved them the minute we met. 

I didn’t have the best start to life but I knew from the minute I stepped off that bus and into my rescue life, everything was going to change for the better.

My new family picked me up today and said we are going on a little drive to my new house, where my other mom was waiting to meet me. 

Apparently, I will be pretty famous soon. I’m going to be the co-mascot, along with Mocha, of our big sister’s softball team. Mocha promised to show me the ropes. I am so excited to start my new life! 

Yesterday was a VERY long day, but it ended up being the best day of my life because it was the day I joined rescue. 

I am 3 years old and I have to say, I am probably one of the prettiest Bulldog girls you have ever seen!

It was a very long ride on the rescue bus with some friends of mine yesterday. When we arrived, it was like we were movie stars ~ so many people came out to see us and welcome us. Photos and pawtagraphs were being requested every time I turned around!

When I arrived at my foster home, I was welcomed by another group of dogs and they all look just like me! They are all very nice.

Then, Foster Momma gave me the nicest bath and I enjoyed every second of it. She cleaned my face and ears, and soaped me up in a nice smelling shampoo. Then I got the amazing towel dry. It felt like heaven. 

I had some food and then it was time for bed because I was pooped. 

I will be going to sit with Dr. Larsen this week, so she can also see how beautiful I am. After I get my mani-pawdi, we will discuss what roles would best suit me in the future. 

So far, I’ve loved everyone I’ve met, including all the ones with fur. I will send more updates once I have thought about what type of furever family I would like.

4/26/22 Update:  Foster girl Frankie Sue is doing great in her foster home. She is a very quiet and sweet girl and we see her personality come out a little more each day.

She just sits and lets us clean her wrinkles and ears and tend to her paws with zero complaints.

It would be hard not to love this girl.

4/29/22 Update:  Frankie Sue got to visit with Dr. Larsen for a checkup today. She was such a good girl and just loved everyone there. 

In a few weeks, she will be going back to make sure she can’t have more babies and then, we’ll be able to start looking for her new family. 

This girl is pretty perfect. She is very sweet and loves everyone she meets. 

The only thing is we now have a new thing in our foster home called “Frankie Time.” Frankie will move when she wants to move and will do it as slow as possible. She also likes to fall asleep while sitting up. That takes talent!

5/18/22 Update:  Frankie Sue is doing great in her vacation foster home. She is gaining confidence and acting more and more like a puppy. She is working on walking on a leash and learning a few simple commands. 

5/25/22 Update:   Frankie Sue decided to help clear some storm damage this week! She’s really starting to act like the puppy she deserves to be. 

6/1/22 Update:  Frankie Sue returned to her foster home after her fun stay at her vacation foster home. 

Frankie Sue is everything you would want in a Bulldog: cute, funny, sweet, rolls for days, super playful with a little mischief.

It makes us so happy to see her play with her foster sister, Ella Fitzgerald. It melts your heart to see two former mill mommas playing together and being the puppies they were never able to be.