Fritter (now Holliday)

Fritter (now Holliday)

We are excited to announce that our sweetest bonded pair has been adopted!  Fritter and Little P packed their vet info and headed out on a 2hr drive Sunday. They were so great on the furever ride. We stopped and got them a few French fries and they loved it.  We showed up at their furever home and before we could get them unloaded. Nicole and Zach welcomed them with hugs and kisses. Fritter and Little P were smitten with them instantly.  They came in the house and immediately started being adventurous. Exploring every room as to take claim of which one they would be calling home. Outside was an experience with them to say the least.  Fritter decided to to an army crawl and give us all a laugh.  We all decided to walk the neighborhood they would start calling home.  Upon the walk we ran into their pet sitter. How funny is that?  It was like everything was meant to happen this way.  The girls will now have new names that I adore.  Fritter will be called Holliday and Little P is now Huckleberry. If you haven’t got it yet; it’s from Tombstone. Doc Holliday says “I’ll be your Huckleberry.”  I will miss fostering these two sweet angels. Here is the best Pics and videos a foster parent can receive.

We owe our lives to Miss Wendy! My name is Fritter and my friend Little P and I have joined rescue.

We were living a pretty horrible life in west Texas. We lived outside and did whatever we could to survive. Our favorite thing to do was scratch and dig a hole in the ground big enough so we could lay on some cool soil. But our owners decided to get rid of us and asked if a neighbor wanted us. The neighbor said they did not, but they knew Miss Wendy and she might take us. Wendy said she would take us and find us a home, but she lived 5 hours away. The neighbors said they would take us to her, but we would have to make the trip in the back of a horse trailer. Miss Wendy said that would not happen, so she hired someone to come get us in an air conditioned car!

When we arrived at her house after the long trip she loved us, hugged us, fed and watered us, gave us baths and let us sleep in an air-conditioned room. Then today a man picked us up and hugged on us and took us to Dr. Larsen. It took lots of people and trips, but we finally arrived where we needed to be.

I have lots of sores and insect bites. Both my ears are bloody sores and I have a very bad cut on my hind leg. I am 4 years old, have had a few litters of puppies and know nothing about how to live in a house. But I am willing to learn.

But in spite of everything I really love people. I liked giving Dr. Larsen a bunch of kisses for taking such good care of me. 

Wendy gave me a new name for my new life. She talked about how much she loved peaches and peach fritters, so she named me Fritter! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead in my new life.

8/9/21 Update:  We have been in our foster home for a week and it’s so strange to us.  Since we where living outside the rules of us being able to be on the couch is new.  Our foster parents love us because we are so happy all the time.  Everything is exciting and adventurous to us.  Being able to get so many treats and belly rubs have us on cloud 9.  We have nestled our spots on the couch.  Unfortunately, we still paw at the blankets before we lay down.  Outside it was always dirt we would need to move before laying down.  They have this interesting thing called a tv everyone watches while petting us.  We can’t get enough of our new family.      We get full tummy’s now and they said we needed to fill out some.  We aren’t complaining at all!  Love this new life rescue is providing for us.  Well we will check in next week.  Here are some of our relaxing poses.

10/8/21 Update:  To say this is a bonded pair is an understatement. These two girls are looking for a family to love them. Fritter soaks up the attention and Little P continues to look for acceptance. I can tell you without a doubt these two will melt anyones heart.  They have the sweetest demeanor. I come home everyday to Fritter laying her head on my chest just glaring into my eyes. She says so much without words. Little P is such a darling and loves to be nurtured.