After 132 days in rescue, one ACL repair and four weeks of water treadmill, Genesis’ day has finally come: her adoption day. Foster Mom and Dad couldn’t be happier for “Gigi.” This little angel entered our home and hearts four months ago and brightened us with her gorgeous face. She came to us scared, shy and unsure of herself and others. But it didnt take long for her to open up and bloom with her sweet and loving personality, following foster mom around the house, clicking toenails never far behind. Like all Bulldogs, she adored her bum scratches and also loved to lean on you. She always had to be touching you at all times. Gigi didn’t have such an easy beginning… beginning with the wonderful people at Lone Star Dog Ranch snapping her up at a puppy mill auction, saying her breeding days were over and on to her new life of love, snuggles and kisses!

To say Gigi hit the jackpot with her forever family is an understatement. She now has an adoring mom and dad along with a precious Bulldog brother named, Preston. Preston is fun and playful and already showing Gigi all the fun games to be had in her new loving home. A big backyard complete with a tetherball pole, which I am positive she will conquer in no time.
Not going to lie, this adoption was a tough one for us, but we know she will never want for a thing. Happy tails, sweet Gigi! You are forever in our hearts.

Wearing #240 and 3 years old, Genesis has found her freedom.  Scares up her side from C-sections reveal a life of birthing babies, having primitive vet care, and of multiple litters.  Saturday when Genesis was placed on the table at the puppy mill auction and lifted in the air all anyone heard was Bulldog #240,  a good healthy bulldog that has many years of making you lot’s of money.  And the bidding starts, and the interest is great, but it had already been determined that she would be bought by Lone Star Dog Ranch, and the “breeding her for profit”  would end that day forever. Genesis did not know that. All she knew was how she felt living in a wire cage being bred to death. Today Genesis celebrates freedom!  She walks a few feet, then stops and tries to run,  we try again,  she walks a few  she stops and she tries to run.  Progress is slow. And progress takes times. Much thanks to Lone Star Dog Ranch for saving Genesis, a bulldog that was  known as #240 but never again will she be known as a number and not have a name.

11/12/17 Update:  She’s a happy, little Bulldog who can’t wait to get out and PLAY! Genesis is a tiny chunk of love. She is dog-friendly. She is just a great little pint-size Bulldog who I would expect to do great in any home.

11/20/17 Update:  Genesis, aka Gigi, has been in our home for about 5 days and she is already a favorite! All of her foster siblings love her and so do her foster parents! Fostering Gigi is like watching a baby discover just about everything. From just the basics of laying on a bed or blankets and chewing a bone, to having a kind hand touch her with love and affection. I have called Gigi my baby chick, as she is always on my heels, going from room to room, while performing the normal and mundane tasks of doing laundry or cleaning house. Her eyes are bright and curious and she just melts your heart. Gigi is 3 years old and about 43 lbs. We are working to put a few pounds on her, but she will always be tiny. House training is coming along and she easily will go into her crate for you when you ask. Meal times are definitely one of her favorite times of the day and it is such a joy to watch her gobble up her food. Gigi will require patience in her forever home, which should be a calmer one. Noises do scare her, but I think she will get used to all the sounds that go on in a home.

11/26/17 Update:  Sweet Genesis, aka Gigi, is such a loving and happy girl, but she is going on the “injured reserve list” as she has blown out her ACL in her left knee. After getting it repaired, some rest and rehab, she will be a brand new Bulldog. Gigi loves being with her people, especially hanging on the couch for cuddles and naps. Until her knee mishap, she also loved her playtime with her foster siblings, which she will again. Stay tuned on this tiny and tough Bulldog. She will triumph!

1/1/18 Update:   Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been almost three weeks since my knee surgery and I am doing fantastic! I’ve been chilling out and resting my knee, like I’m supposed to, and since it’s been so cold, I love snuggling down into the big ol’ fluffy blankets on the couch. Oh, supervised, of course. Foster Mom says I won’t be ready for my forever home for a couple of more months, but I just wanted to say hi and ask you not to forget about me!

2/5/18 Update:  Gigi checking in!  That’s my nickname, but you all know me as Genesis. I have had a marvelous week in my foster home, with lots going on for me. It has been eight weeks since my ACL surgery and I feel fantastic! Foster mom took me to this cool place where I get in a tank with water and I walk on a treadmill. I kinda had some trouble at first, but it didn’t beat me and I soon got the hang of it. A little birdie told me I had a month of this and then I will be ready to go!

I am getting along well with my foster sibs, but I’m not going to lie…I prefer the easy going personalities of my foster brothers. I get a little nervous and jumpy with sudden noises, so a quieter home would really make me one happy bulldog. House training has been a little bit of a struggle for me, but I’m working real hard at it.  I was a mill momma so I get a little confused on where I can and can’t go. Foster mom says its okay, and that she is proud of me no matter what. She understands why I struggle and will make sure she finds a family for me with lots of patience. She says I’m so worth it and gives me lots of kisses.