George Benedict

George Benedict

George hit the jackpot and was adopted by a wonderful family! He will enjoy his days playing on his family’s property in East Texas with his sister Mille. Happy life, sweet boy!

My name is George Benedict, like eggs Benedict, and today I got my freedom ride to join rescue. My family brought me to the emergency room because they couldn’t afford my care anymore. Thankfully, the vet knew just what to do: call rescue! I’m a sweet guy, but my eyes hurt really bad. I have a cherry eye, ulcers, and entropion. My ears are both infected, too. My skin has been itching really bad, and I have developed a yeast infection on my skin. 

But soon I will sit on Dr. Larsen’s lap and she will get me all fixed up. Also, it was mentioned that I would be attending a peach harvesting in the near future….whatever that means. Until next time! Love, George Benedict

8/11/21 Update:  I’m a super sweet guy. I am good at pottying outside, and I listen to Foster Momma and Poppa really well. I even sit when it’s time for treats! I am super excited to be in rescue and get the help I need. I am really looking forward to feeling better.

8/16/21 Update:  George is such a great guy, and we love his little prance when he walks around. He gets along great with all the other dogs in the home, even the grouchy ones… he avoids conflict. He’s getting better at taking his eye meds and potties outside, like a champ. He will visit Dr. Larsen this week to find out all of his needs. He can’t wait to sit on her lap!

8/27/21 Update:  Foster Momma busted me out of the clinic yesterday, so I’m back in my foster home- feeling better than ever! I got tutored (neutered) at Dr. Larsen’s, and she gave me a much needed face lift. My eyes feel so much better, I don’t complain about eye drops anymore. I still have an ulcer in my eye that is healing and some dry eye, but I can see better already! I will be looking though applications to find the perfect home for me. I hope to see you application in the mix!

9/5/21 Update:  George is such a great guy! He’s 4 years old, gets along with everyone, and loves, loves, loves to play! He just got his sutures out, so he’s feeling much better and is ready to be adopted. He’s on an allergy med and an eye drop, but he does well with them.