Georgia Lou

Georgia Lou

Georgia Lou is right where she belongs and has been for over a year now and that is with us.

This sweet krazy lil 34 pound girl has us around her lil paw. We love everything about her even when her toots can clear a stadium or when she snores she sounds like a freight train or when she blows snot on you cause she can’t help it due to her Stenotic  Nares (breathing) issues (it has slightly lessened) or when her food or water comes back up due to her Mesoesophagus.

I know she loves us too.  She can’t get enough of her fur brother baby Bentley.  Now he might say she’s a pest because the best place for her to nap on is on Bentley.  I know baby Bentley is happy to have a sister.

She is our perfect little girl.

No sad stories for me. Well, other than my eating habits are a little off lately. I guess you could say I’ve always had trouble eating and drinking. I do both, but then it oftens comes right back up. Water is the worst. I love water, but I’m not sure water loves me. After I drink and walk around, the water comes right back up.
My family loved me a lot and they cried big tears when we said our goodbyes. But they knew I needed more medical care than they could provide. My vet couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I eat small meals and several of them. I drink small amounts of water, but often. Nothing seems to work.
I will be 2 years old in December and all I want is to live a normal Bulldog life. I have gotten thin, yet I want to eat all the time. I raised my paw and let my family know that it was time someone was able to get to the bottom of what is wrong with me. The holidays are coming and I really want to celebrate by tasting all the good foods of fall. So, let the testing begin. I am ready for a brand new life with my brand new friends!
9/30/20 Update:  Georgia has had some tests that indicate she is suffering from Megaesophagus. There will be further testing. If so she will be a special needs gal. But with proper care the situation can be managed.
12/30/20 Update: I wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year, along with my fellow house guest, alumnus Ontos. He’s been trying to figure out what the heck am I sitting in (my Bailey chair). He’s not quite sure of the purpose, but he sure doesn’t seem to mind the food that spills off of it. Maybe that is what Ontos is trying to figure out… is the kibble coming from the chair?
1/4/21 Update:  For New Year’s Eve, Georgia Lou’s foster momma decided she needed to glam it up! She writes: Couldn’t help myself, but this little gem Georgia Lou is the lead in the future reality show “Rescues and Tiaras.” She’s just lacking the tiara due to the misplaced tiara. Ugh!
5/4/21 Update:  Georgia Lou, aka Lil’ Wonder Woman, is a precious Bulldog. She won’t be attending our event today, as she hasn’t been well lately due to her breathing issues (stenotic nares). She also has megaesophagus, just like one of our other rescue girls, Lulu Bea, who will be attending today’s patio paw-ty at BoomerJack’s in Fairview. Georgia Lou is just waiting to see Dr. Lay for her surgery.
7/1/21 Update:   As a witness, HIGH winds were the major contributor in the beheading of the falling angel. Officer Georgia Lou investigated the scene, only to determine that there was nothing to be done for the broken cherub. Our hearts go out to the friends and neighbors of said stone cherub. Many of whom referred to him as a pillar of the community and was always there for you when you needed him.