Georgie has been adopted!! I forgot to get a picture because this one really broke my heart! I could not be happier for Georgie though! She is getting a loving family with a sister and a human brother!! She LOVES to play and is high energy and is sure to fit right in! We wish her the best and will miss her so so so much!

Please welcome Georgie to our rescue family! She writes: I am 9 months old and the cutest young lady you have ever seen. I mean, really… I’m just about perfection! You might notice my skin needs a little attention. That’s a minor thing, and I will get that under control.

I am really here because I am looking for my mother, Nellie. Nellie joined rescue a while back and loved it here, so I packed my back pack in search of a family, just like my mom found. So , if you see my mom Nellie, tell her I love her and I am getting ready for a great life too!

3/20/18 Update:  Nine-month-old Georgie remains at the vet clinic, but has made major progress over the past two weeks. Her skin is almost totally clear with the exception of some inflammation around her cankles (folds on her lower legs). Her huge nose rope even looks a little smaller with the skin irritation gone. You can now see that she has nostrils under there! She will get her spay in the next week or two and then be ready to be moved to one of our foster homes. She is so sweet and loving. She seems to get along with everyone and has really come out of her shell in the last 10 days. And, she doesn’t seem crazy-wild like a lot of puppies her age. Some lucky family out there will be blessed to add her to their family!

3/17/18 Update:  Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head….. and I am not a fan of wet fur! “Let’s take a walk,” she said. “It will be fun,” she said. Well, it was just plain miserable. I made a U-turn and like a gazelle, I ran back to the door and tried to hide.

Well, all I can tell you now is that I have left the vet clinic where I was the absolute favorite. I ran the halls, I assisted in surgeries, and I was in charge of passing out the treats. I was so helpful and so fast, I pulled a stitch or two, but they got me put back together just fine. I would say that that has slowed me down a tiny bit, but at 9 months of age, nothing will slow me down that much! As I am typing this, I am throwing a stuffed bear in the air with one paw and whining loudly to go play with someone. I hope I find my forever family soon. I have so much playing to do!

4/3/18 Update:  Hi all, Georgie here! I dare you not to love me! My foster mama says it is impossible. I am 9 months old with just the right amount of sass with a whole lotta sweet! I love to trot after my foster parents and crave all of their love and attention! I am working on not going potty in the house but sometimes I forget that I am supposed to go outside! I’m very cute so I get forgiven! I love my foster brother and sister and will play with them all night long. I like to mess with them and will snap at them from time to time just to keep them on their toes!! They don’t seem to mind and still love to play with me! Life sure is luxury these days and I’d like to continue this life of pampering and would love a forever family. If you want a life full of love and laughter from a spunky little pup I am for sure your girl!

4/10/18 Update:  Georgie is doing amazing! She absolutely loves to play and has all of her puppy energy back! She is so fun and brings such a smile to everyone’s face. We are still working on some potty training and chewing issues, but she is making some progress. We are obsessed with this little love bug.