That’s right you heard it here… The sweet baby had patience and it all worked out for her. Ghirardelli loves her humans, and now she has two to call her own. Brett and Candise are an amazing couple that lost their Bulldog a while back. They knew they needed time to grieve. It wasn’t a rushed decision and now Ghirardelli will soak up the couch time with them. I can tell she will enjoy plenty of walks in their neighborhood. Plus, they may even make it out to a local event. These pictures came out amazing and is the start of a beautiful family.❤️🐾🐾❤️

We know that not all adoptions work out the way we planned. It is offen or a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is just not a good match in spite of how hard we try to make it so. We are saddened that Ghirardelli has been returned to us. But we know it was in her best interest and we will work hard to find her that perfect forever home.

That’s right you Star Wars fans.  My new name is Maz and I get to spend my new life with Chewy.  I enter rescue as Ghiradelli and now I’m in my furever home.  The best things in life are worth waiting for.  My new mom and dad are simply amazing.  They are so understanding of my wants and needs.  I want plenty of belly rubs and need my Chewy.  Chewy the big broad bulldog in my home.  He is warming up to me and we are setting each other’s boundaries.  I have two skin brothers and a skin sister.  I love them all.  There will be plenty of time to play and take walks.  Plus with this cooler weather approaching maybe some nightly cuddles by the fireplace.  Thank you everyone that has followed my story.  Best thing is that I’ve relocated only 20 mins from my foster parents and not a galaxy far away :).

I am Ghirardelli, Queen Of The South! Yep that’s my official name!   Ghirardelli—does the name make you think of chocolate, like a rich, smooth chocolate that everyone loves? I hope so because that’s how I got my name.  My family thought I was the color of light chocolate and as sweet as a chocolate kiss. But after introducing me a few times and spelling my name they started calling me Delli and that was a lot easier to say.  I am 2 years old and I am as sweet as can be. I am looking for a family who loves a beautiful bulldog and has lot’s of time for me. I walk great on a leash, love everyone that I have met so far, and I would love to find a family where someone is home during the day so we can be together.  I am great around kids, met some other bulldogs and did good, and have met a couple cats.  So far, so good with everyone I have met. So, off to see Dr. Larsen for some lap holding and then I will be looking for an amazing family!

1/16/20 Update:  Delli loves to sit in between her foster parents and veg. This baby loves her humans and as you can see, has to be the center of attention. She can teach you how to properly be a potato on the couch!

2/8/20 Update:  Dear Diary,  I’m a single girl looking for love in the month of February. I finally know my needs: being the only in a home is what I’m seeking. I adore my humans and need someone who will make me theirs furever. Is it really too much to ask for someone to make me their cuddle buddy? I know my perfect family awaits me. I just know it! 🐾❤️🐾, Ghirardelli

2/20/20 Update:  Even though I need to be an only dog, Foster Dad hasn’t given up on making me more social. It’s baby steps I take every day. As long as I’m supervised, I know what is expected. That is to play nice. I still enjoy my couch time with Foster Dad. It’s my favorite because I just melt on his chest. I nestle my nose there and I can fall asleep in no time.