Gia (now Pebbles)

Gia (now Pebbles)

I have been adopted! This notice is delayed as I have been getting adjusted to my new life of being pampered and loved by the most awesome family. I now have a mom, dad and four fur siblings. I also have a new name: Pebbles. My fur brother, who is part Bulldog, is named BamBam, and he is my best play buddy. We love to play tug-o-war with the toys. We have a big back yard and there are lots of toys and beds all over the house! And yes, I did go try all of them out. My foster mom and dad are so happy for me and gave me big hugs. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for helping me find my forever family.  Love, 💜Pebbles (Gia)

Here I am, about 50 lbs of Bulldog perfection. If you’re wondering why I joined rescue, let me tell you: I did nothing wrong. I have lived with some French Bulldogs and puppies, and some kids of all size and I loved everyone. And everyone loved me. Problem was I felt like I was not getting enough attention and I was constantly trying to bulldoze myself front and center, so people could hold me. Man, can I make some Frenchie fur fly when I want to sit in a lap. And I can run as fast as the wind to get in a lap first!

So, as you can see, I had no problem packing my backpack to join rescue. I’m ready to find a family that appreciates me and will let me go with them everywhere they are going. My new family can have other dogs, kids and even a bird, and I will be as sweet as can be. The only thing they can’t do is try and put this baby in a corner… ‘cause nobody puts baby in the corner! I want attention… lots and lots of attention!

Our vet will be checking out her bum because she has had some bleeding from her rectum. Her previous vet diagnosed her with having polyps, so we may need to do some laser work to get those handled before she’s ready for her forever home.

6/6/19 Update:  Hi all –  It’s me Gia reporting in from my foster home.

I moved into my foster home on Monday,  a little earlier than expected,  because I was not too comfortable at the clinic.  I am a big girl and I was getting HOT!  Dr Larsen knew I was ready to go to my foster home and that I would be okay even though I had my “spay day” on last Thursday.  Foster mom was there and she was holding my paw and was taking videos!  I do not think I want to watch them though! 

You see my foster mom has known me all my life and I would come stay at her house when my family would go out of town. My brother Brock, has been living with foster mom for a few years and we are still very close and always pick up like we have never been apart.  When it came time for me to move out of the “Frenchie Manor,” my dad knew Foster mom would find me a great home where I can be treated like the “Diva” I am.

Since moving in I have been taking it easy in foster mom & dad’s room, but just until my stitches are removed. Then I get to hang out with my brother Brock and Nola and the resident young pups. I heard that there is a Bullie Event next weekend at Nissan and that this will be my public debut. I cannot wait and I am looking for the perfect accessories to wear. What do you think about the color Orange, from the pic?  I think this color may be the one for me.  See you all soon. Gia

7/10/19 Update:  Hello everybully,  It’s me Gia. I have been in my foster home for a few weeks now and I am getting along just fine. Foster mom has put me on a diet (Doc Larsen said I need to lose a few pounds), and I think I may have lost some poundage!  Foster dad said I look like a have a “figure eight” shape now. What does that mean?  I still have my curves. I am learning how to play with toys,  but still have to work on the “sharing” part. I never really had toys so I want to keep them all to myself.

I had a great time at the event at Nissan and met a lot of nice people and bullies. I also met a lot of little humans that I really like.

I grew up in a family so I get along with kids and other dogs.  I am looking for my forever family that will let me be with them give them lots of kisses and snuggles. 💜Gia🐾