Well forks I knew it was bound to happen after making my 1st public appearance at the event at Bar 2909. When I turned the corner and I saw Ms. Fairchild had rolled out the red carpet for me I thought there will be no resisting me now. And here I am with my new Mom and Dad. They were there and they could not take their eyes off me.

Everyone followed me around and if these paws could have held a pen I would have signed autographs! Someone at the event was kind enough to leave there burger and beer unattended and I just helped myself. You should have seen the look on their face when they came back from getting catsup and all that was left was a clean plate and some foam in their glass. That burger had an egg on it and my goodness was is good! I think what everyone loved about me the most was when the DJ started playing that twerking song and I let myself go. Some saw some moves that would have made Elvis blush!

My new family loves music so this is a match made in heaven. I am so excited to start my new life with my new family. I also have a bulldog brother Tater, but he does not travel well, so he’s not in the pictures. But he is a beautiful brindle just like me.  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you rescue for loving me and for finding me my forever family that just loves me to pieces.  Love, Gorda

Who in the world named me Gorda? The definition of Gorda is “fat woman” or “fat lady.” I beg your pardon! That does not apply to me. This body is soft, smooth and sleek! 

I weighed myself this morning and I topped the scales at 72 lbs of muscle. Maybe in the near future I will just change my name to Baby.

Are you wondering why I am here? It was a super sad day for sure. My dad was feeling like he was not able to take care of me the way a lady needs. You know, we have our daily routine of eyes, ears, fur and tail. And I love the pampering. Can’t miss one day of that or I will be all out of whack. 

There was a lot of hugging and some tears when we said our goodbyes,  but I told my dad not to worry because I was going to find an amazing family who loves a big ol’ Gorda. 

I had some cats in my family and I loved them, so if you are a cat person too, I may be the one for you. 

Right now, I am sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap and she’s trying to make me get down. Not going to happen. Where Gorda wants to sit, Gorda sits. So, so long for now… before long you will see Baby Gorda with a brand new family ~ a family who will love a big ol’ me!

9/27/21 Update:  Gorda here and I am checking in from the pumpkin patch on Tongue out Tuesday! Things are going great for me. I have had all my medical done and I am looking for my forever family now. My forever home needs to have a lot of really good snacks and be able to make everything pumpkin. So send in your application for me if that family is you!