Diamond’s little girl, baby Grace, went to her furever home today. What a bittersweet moment to let this little girl go. Grace came into this world unexpectedly, but with a will to survive in spite of her circumstances. She came home in a shoebox, not much bigger than a mouse. Diamond was a great mama and Grace flourished. Now it is her time to be part of a loving family. Thank you, Terry and Johan, for welcoming this girl into your family. Grace will get so much attention from her skin brother, Bully sis Lady Vi and a couple of cats. What a great family Grace has. Her story is surely a testament to rescue.

Grace will soon be available for adoption!  A few months ago we took in Diamond as an owner surrender. What we did not know at the time was that she was expecting. Diamond soon gave birth to two pups. One died shortly after birth, but Little Grace has grown and flourished with her foster family. Several weeks after giving birth and Grace was weaned, Diamond was adopted by a wonderful family, but adopting a puppy was just not in their plans. We have no real idea the breed of the father (hence the rather long nose and ears). There have been all kinds of guesses. What we do know is that Grace is the sweetest little girl around! She will be on medical hold a little longer until her spay.

6/26/16 Update:  Baby Grace is a playful, gangly puppy with a nubby Bully tail that wags constantly. She is full of energy that sometimes is annoying to my older girl Bullies. She can’t understand why they won’t run and romp with her. She has grown so much since she first left the clinic in a shoebox. Her skin is very pink and she is snow white so she has to be careful to stay out of the sun. She is still young, but understands for the most part, that going outside includes doing her business. Grace loves everyone including small children, but can be a bit much for very little ones.

7/3/16 Update:  Grace never ceases to amaze me with her zest for life and her pure puppy joy. She can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for the small children that are here most of the time, but she is a lover of affection. I cannot believe the little white creature I brought home from Dr. W’s has grown so fast. Yes, it appears her nubby tail is Bulldog, but the rest of her may be Boxer according to Dr. W. Doesn’t matter ~ she is truly a statement to the will to survive. Grace is fast as a gazelle and me chasing her is a sight to behold. She knows a treat is coming when she goes out to do her business. She is still on the three-meal-a-day plan and likes to go outside once in the middle of the night. Grace is now chipped and has one more set of puppy shots ahead of her. She got her first collar in her signature lime green. Having cared for her literally from day one, she has stolen my heart.

7/18/16 Update:  Grace is a puppy through and through. She loves to play more than anything… almost more than mealtime. Grace goes after all the toys and thinks they are all hers. She goes outside several times a day to do her business and knows it involves a treat. Grace is learning to walk on a leash, but still thinks everything must be chew tested. She is a big fan of shoe laces too, so learning boundaries is in order. Grace has the coolest white eyelashes that match her fur, which is soft. Her little face has a few forehead wrinkles that make for some funny and endearing expressions. Her lean body is like a stealth bomber and she will be right beside you before you know it, as she walks softly. One just cannot help but love her. It is difficult to tell how big Grace will be. She is very lean with long legs, but small boned. She will get her last puppy shots this week. Grace would probably be a handful for her mama Diamond, but my bullies and foster Penelope do not hesitate to put her in her place.

7/24/16 Update:   Baby Grace is growing… and growing! She is a lean, long-legged machine with a wiggly, stubby Bully tail. Grace is lightening fast and can get out of foster mom’s sight in no time. Her favorite time of day is mealtime and snack time, but playing is a close second. She does her outside zoomies each afternoon. There is still so much for her to explore. She loves to bother her fur siblings and they do not hesitate to put her in her place. Grace keeps us all on our toes.

8/7/16 Update:  Grace was sure glad she received a goody bag from yesterday’s foster parent get-together. She sniffed it out right away and went for the Bully stick. The Benebone is great too. Grace sure loves her ball, but is not above stealing everyone’s toys. Grace is growing, but her legs have really had a growth spurt. She is a leggy and lean supermodel. Active would definitely describe her. She loves to romp and play ball and jump on the other dogs. The heat has kept her from playing outside much. She has very sensitive skin and I am hoping she is not so itchy once the weather cools down. Medicated baths, supplements and Benadryl help a bit, but doc may want to put her on allergy meds later on. It is hard to tell how big she will get, as she is slim. I am guessing she will not be a very large girl, maybe Jack Russell size.

8/16/16 Update:  Baby Grace is growing by leaps and bounds, which is appropriate for this girl who can leap like no other.
She is a snow white ball of fur with a Bully tail, upturned nose and never ending legs. Mama Diamond would not recognize her tiny white pup. Grace is so full of energy and could play ball forever. She must be watched when outside because she thinks everything is edible, including rocks and mulch. Grace is learning her harness and leash are for walks and she is getting used to them. She goes where she wants to go on walks, but is learning to follow. Grace is very active and needs a family who can keep up with her and have the patience to guide her through puppyhood.

8/28/16 Update:  Baby Grace is still up to her puppy ways though she does know what “No” means.  She loves to play ball and run around the yard.  Her bully siblings aren’t the best playmates as Grace is sometimes too much for them.  Grace is looking forward to cooler weather so she can perfect her leash manners.  Nothing is off limits in her mind so this girl needs supervision when she is out and about.  Grace has the softest white fur and it shines in the sun but she is not so fond of baths.  Foster mom ends up getting a bath too but her baths are critical to healthy skin.  Grace had a meet and greet this weekend with a wonderful family who understands puppy ways.  That this girl survived is quite amazing and she deserves to be loved and cared for.  Patience is a must.