Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly has been adopted!  Fabulous news: Grace Kelly is now a resident of Houston!

We all knew it wasn’t going to take long to find this tiny bundle of love a forever family. Even in the short amount of time she was a guest in our home, she captured our hearts!  We often get asked if it’s difficult letting them go and our answer is: You bet it is, but Randy explains that when you see the amount of joy they bring to their new families, it’s all worth it!

Matt, Carrie and their two little ones drove a long way in rainy weather to meet their new addition to the family. Grace now has a skin brother and sister to play with and get all the love she can handle from them all! The kiddos are already enjoying taking her for her walks. Don’t you just love it?  We love you, Grace! Thank you for being such a good girl.

Grace Kelly had another name until yesterday, but when we picked her up, we decided her new name would be Grace. And if she lived, it would be the Amazing Grace Kelly. The call came late at night and we all know nothing good comes from late night calls. The voice on the other end said “I have a Bulldog and her anus has prolapsed. What should be inside, is now outside. She’s bleeding and she is dying.”

Nothing prepares you for the sight you are going to see. You know it’s going to be bad and you tell yourself you’re not going to look. But you can’t help it. The little Bulldog is laying there, not crying, just perfectly still, wondering what happened to that end of her. You try to be careful, but blood is everywhere. It’s cold, pouring down rain and sleeting. What should take an hour, takes two hours because we had to drive slow. Ronnie is waiting at the clinic to help get her out of the car. Dr. Larsen and the girls have cleared the afternoon to, once again, attempt to save a Bulldog.

I get to the clinic and I hear, “It’s turning black.” What is out is turning black and it should be red. I can hear them from across the clinic. There is then a cheer and the prolapse is back inside. Grace is critical and she has an upper respiratory infection. Dr. Larsen also worries that we could be facing sepsis. Time will tell.

All that went down yesterday. This morning, Grace was alive and everything was still in place. She even ate and drank some water. I do believe in miracles and if Grace makes it, it may be a miracle … teamed with the love, devotion and knowledge of Dr. Larsen and her awesome staff at the clinic.

Grace is only 3 years old ~ a tiny little lady. She asks for your prayers so that she can live.

2/22/19 Update:  Her insides are staying inside 😉 and she’s eating and drinking. Yay!

2/26/19 Update:  Foster girl Grace Kelly entered rescue last week near death. She had a rectal prolapse and we did not know if it would go back in or stay in. We were not sure she could survive the shock or the infection. We were just excited she survived the first night.

What a difference a week makes for this hearty little gal! She is full of spunk and her personality is bigger than her body. She is having near normal bowel movements now with no signs of infection or any impairment.