Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly has been adopted! From her foster momma: She found the most wonderful family she could ever ask for. Her and her fur sister hit off it off from the get go, and they played their little hearts out. Her mommas and siblings are in absolute love. This lucky girl hit the jackpot and has settled in well. We know she will want for nothing, and will live a life of happiness. We wish her and her family the best. We are already missing our little ray of sunshine. We love you, Grace Kelly!

Please welcome Grace Kelly to rescue! At the age of 3 Grace Kelly has arrived, and what a beautiful and stunning lady she is. Grace Kelly’s life has not always been beautiful to say the least.  Abandoned, covered in fleas, 20lb underweight with her dead puppies beside her in a rental property, Grace Kelly survived when her family moved.  Her ears were, and had been, infected for so long she is now also deaf. But, Grace Kelly is a survivor! Grace has learned sign language and has no problem bolting to the car if you make a motion like you are driving a steering wheel. The family that has had her for a while has taken her to the vet, cleaned her up, and given her the best of everything (toys, beds, food). She has wanted for nothing.

Grace has gained 15lbs, loves all dogs, cats, kids and people and is like a social butterfly.  Now Grace Kelly is ready for a family with hopefully another dog so she can run and play, and learn from the other dog when there is action in the rest of the house. Grace Kelly wears a collar that says “My name is Gracie and I am deaf ” what it should say is “My name is Gracie and I am amazing, beautiful and a survivor.”

1/29/17 Update:  Hi there, everyone! My name is Grace Kelly, AKA Gracie. I have had a rough past, but luckily a very nice man came along and helped me heal. I am deaf, but that does not hold me back. I still bark, run and play and love like any other Bulldog. Some of my favorite things are: I LOVE to play with my tennis ball. I LOVE to go for a ride in the car, and I LOVE to sun on the porch. I do not, however, like to be left alone, foster mom hopes this is temporary because I am in a new place. Foster mom says when I get to playing, I am like a bull in a china shop… whatever that means. I just like to play! She also says I am mischievous, but I just know what to do to make her pay attention to me. HEEHEE! I get along great with my foster fur siblings when they decide they want to sociable. They are kind of crabby, and I just start clear of them. I think that is all for now. I will check back in once I get more accustomed to everyone and everything.

2/19/17 Update:  Hello, everyone! Sorry, I have been MIA. My whole foster family came down with the flu, and like a good foster baby that I am, I took very good care of them all. I made sure I laid with them, and let them get lots of rest. This week, me and my foster brother, or as Mom calls us, double and trouble (hehe!), have played our little hearts out. We chase each other, we race across the floor, I take his toys and make him mad. It’s all fun and games! I even help Foster Ma with the dishes every night… no prewash needed! Haha!

Foster Ma bought me a sock monkey for Valentine’s Day, and she says it fits me perfectly. I dont know what that means… something about being silly like a monkey. But anywho, I am still being a good girl, and love my play time with everyone. Now I am off for more shenanigans.

3/13/17 Update:  Foster Mom made tacos tonight, and little does she know I am taco aficionado. I have been telling her all evening that those sure do look delicious, and she just pets me and tells me I am cute… how rude?! I have been a good girl and all I get is love and “you’re cute”? We already know that! Give me some tacos!