Sweet boy Grady has been adopted!  We often call it a “foster failure” when a foster parent adopts their foster bulldog. In this case it is a foster success! With all his medical issues, no one is better prepared to care for this sweet boy. Congrats Grady for hitting the jackpot with your forever family!

Welcome our latest new pup, Grady. He is an owner surrender and has a raspy breathing problem and perhaps some other health issues. He also has cherry eye. He will be off to the doctor tomorrow for a check up and all necessary treatment.

2/26/16 Update:  Grady had his first vet visit this morning. He has pneumonia! He has been given a new antibiotic, steroids, a bronchodilator, and he was put on oxygen for a bit. He needs some positive thoughts and prayers.

2/27/16 Update:  Grady had his X-rays and, in addition to the pneumonia, he has a condition known as Tracheal Hypoplasia. His trach is the size of a pencil lead, and it should be the size of a straw. This is a condition he was born with.

I went to visit him at the clinic yesterday afternoon and he felt good enough between coughs to bite my fingers. Grady has survived this long by extending his neck at a angle to get the most air to his lungs. The clinic knows I will not let him suffer, but if he makes it through the weekend, I am going to pick him up and take him home. I do believe in miracles so please pray that he gets a miracle.

3/1/16 Update:  Little Grady is still coughing and fighting pneumonia, but he is doing a little better! He is standing up and walking around in his kennel. and he is eating better. Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers.

3/9/16 Update:  Grady slept all night, but coughed several times. He spent some time in the sink this morning getting clean and helping with the dishes. He took his medicine like a champ and ate his dog food like he had never eaten before. As long as he is right beside a person he is a happy, calm dog. But if I get out of sight, he gets a little rowdy. He literally stands on your feet. He is definitely a Velcro dog!

3/13/16 Update:  Growing like a weed is Grady. On Thursday, Grady was breathing louder, so I took him in to the clinic. Dr. W attributed it to it Grady’s diagnosis, but we did an X-ray for safety. It was the same, breathing was the same, Grady was the same. However, Grady is gaining weight, has a lot more energy, and doing exactly what Dr. W. said he should be doing. So in Grady’s world it’s all about eating, chewing on toes and being as cute as can be! Grady is sleeping a lot better at night and is no longer stuck like glue to me. I hate to type this, but Grady’s best friend is anyone that will stand still long enough so he can try and hump their leg.

4/4/16 Update:  Grady has had a great couple of weeks and loved meeting everyone at Mutts Cantine. I didn’t realize until this weekend just how BIG he has gotten.  He goes in for a checkup today and we will see exactly how much weight he has gained and also get an update about his medical needs.  Grady still has difficulties breathing from time to time but he has adjusted so amazingly well.  I can tell when he is having a hard time because he will stretch his neck all the way up and just look at you as if to ask for help and comfort.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do during those times except hold him and keep him calm. Typically within a few minutes he is back to his “normal” breathing.  Like anyone who has a respiratory condition, he has good days and bad days.

For him the worst part to his condition is that he can’t play like he wants to.  He is still a very young puppy and he loves to play with people and with the other dogs.  He gets a little mad when we pick him up and end playtime so he retaliates by nibbling on our hands and arms.  His retaliation doesn’t last long and soon he is all snuggled up.  I guess because he has always been held, cuddled and pampered so much he is used to it and actually expects it! He loves to be held and carried around like the prince he is.