It was a remarkable morning.  Just before 8:00, Gunny sprinted to the front door to answer the bell.  He knew that his furever parents where here to take him home.  Once they entered, Gunny instantly crowded out Gabby and Paris to be all over David and Sally like spots on dice.  He was excited, jumping, and ready to begin the new relationship.  David and Sally make ideal parents for Gunny, having owned Buster, a boy with similar history.  They will enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving together. During the next 45 minutes, we went over Gunny’s regimes for food, meds, and entertainment.  Then, it was playtime, in which David enthusiastically engaged with Gunny’s favorite ball.  David lost at tug-o-war.

The good-bye kiss was sorrowful for us; even Gabby whimpered though Gunny was a houseguest for a mere 12 days.  Gunny however, was eager, straining at his new leash on life.  It was time for him to go.  We will miss him here but recognize he will be cherished in his new loving home.

Gunny, I hardly knew ye.  Happy tails, sweet boy.

Welcome 7 year old Gunny to rescue. And yes, his former father is a Marine. Gunny is a little guy and weighs in at a trim 42 pounds. But don’t let his size fool you. He will be up in your lap licking all over your face quicker that you can blink.

His surrender was a very tearful one. He has always been loved and well cared for. But for the first time he is around a baby. Many times owners surrender their bulldog because they are afraid for the baby. This is the opposite. The crying and the new routine were really bothering Gunny. If a dog can have a nervous breakdown, Gunny was about ready. His skin had broken out and his behavior had changed. He was no longer the happy boy he had always been. With that and other issues that had risen in the family, his owners reached out to us.

So after a few months of talking to us and trying different things, today he was surrendered to us. We were also given his food, bowls, toys, bedding, clothes, grooming supplies, etc. He is at the vet for a checkup. Maybe after he decompresses a little, we can get his skin to clear up and he will be ready to jump into someone’s lap!

11/12/17 Update:  Gunny here, reporting for duty, a brand new recruit to rescue, loved by my surrendering Marine family and a sparkling gem for any adoptive home. I am a 7-year-old senior, but a cultured gentleman Bulldog who can play like a puppy.

My new foster home has two royals living there in the form of fur sisters. One is the Queen and the other is the Princess. They think that they run the place. Foster Dad and I have forged a bro-mance and he is protecting me against the female canine cartel. The girls are OK, but a boy needs his time, turf and toys. Speaking of toys, I brought mine with me. I especially love playing with a ball. Foster Dad was throwing my favorite one around the house and I chased it like a high speed Bulldozer until Foster Mom put a stop to that. Nothing broke, but a few things were uprooted and a tad disheveled. Hey, we are boys. I must admit he is better at soccer, which is odd because I have twice as many feet.

I am a champion tug-o-warrior and have won every contest. I leap up to grab the rope and bite harder than he can tug. I am also much quicker than he is, but he gets no sympathy from me.

11/20/17 Update:  Hi, all you potential Bulldog adoptive families. It’s Gunny here, reporting on the second week in my new foster home. I am a rising ‘round these parts, mostly because I like to play so much and Foster Dad is all for that. We play tug-o-war and everytime, I win. It’s no contest! I will play every time Foster Dad invites me. Sometimes, I bring a toy over to him.

My favorite ball is the best toy. Foster Dad kicks or throws it and I chase it around like a puppy possessed. I still have not learned to play the carom, which makes them roar with laughter. After playtime, nothing is more refreshing than a nap, unless it is snack time. Then I take a nap. I am working on shaking a nasty allergy that makes my skin itch. I am taking meds and on a vegetarian diet. I eat pumpkin and melon for my appetizer, while my sisters wolf down meat. I hope this allergy problem clears up soon, so I can get back having meat in my diet. I get lube and drops for my dry eye. I also met my skin sister this weekend. She fell in love with me at first sight. She took many pictures of me because I am so cute. It is comfortable here. We three Bulldog roomies get along fine. Foster Dad works at home so we crowd into his office most of the day, just waiting for our furever families. I am so frisky, athletic and spry that you would never know I am a senor. If you want a lively boy, I will be right here waiting for you.