Gypsy Blue

Gypsy Blue

In the final chapters of a story we usually prepare ourselves for the inevitable end to the fantastic tale, and saying goodbye to our favorite characters. This Saturday we did just that when Gypsy Blue discovered that her happy ending had finally come true. She could tell that the adventures with her foster family were coming to an end because she got an exclusive puppy SPA Day treatment, and everyone was giving her extra kisses and telling her how much she would be missed. Even BFF Colossus seemed overly affectionate and snuggled up every chance he got. Something was coming, she just knew it, but what??

Then she heard a knock at the door and her heart leaped in her chest. Forever walked in and Gypsy realized that every evil she’d escaped and every obstacle she faced along the way had led her to this ‘most perfect’ moment!! She had a forever FAMILY now, and she was going to start living like a real princess in her very own fairy tale. She made sure to let her new mom & dad know how grateful she was by bathing them in kisses. Her new brother, a Frenchie named Tank, was so happy to add her to the family too, and told her all about the other royal siblings waiting at the castle: a shitzu named Izzy, and a schnauzer named Bella. Life would be filled with playtime and endless love from now on, and she just couldn’t wait to load up in her chariot and get started. Since her wandering days are done she even got a new name, Sophie. And the really exciting thing is that she realized her story is not over, in fact it is only just beginning!  Turns out that Cinderella got it right: If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. Happy Tails Princess Sophie.

After 2 weeks of searching far and wide for her family with no luck, we’d like to officially welcome Miss Gypsy Blue to rescue. Since we aren’t sure of her original name, Gypsy, which means “Wanderer,” seemed beautifully fitting. The only possession from her old life was a blue collar, so now she has something old (collar), something new (first name), something borrowed (a foster home), and her middle name is Blue. No she’s not getting married, but she is on the hunt for a new kind of Forever. This week will be a bit overwhelming as she goes to see the doctor for all her age appropriate shots, flea/tick/heart worm control, a spay, and finally a microchip so she can never get ‘lost’ again! She has a great support group at home with her foster brother & sister, and no doubt her new BFF Colossus will be by her side every step of the way, but we ask that you please keep this sweetheart in your thoughts as she completes the necessary checkups Stay tuned for the ‘Gypsy Chronicles to learn about this little angel and all her funny quirks!

12/20/17 Update:  The Gypsy Chronicles – Chapter 1: There is No Off Switch.   It seems our little damsel in distress, Miss Gypsy Blue, is quite fond of fairy tales. As it turns out, she is a little less ‘lost’ and a little more Snow White escaping the wicked castle to set out on her very own grand adventure. Gypsy may be a young princess (21 months), but she is fierce and independent. She isn’t seeking a prince to save her. Like Elsa, she is searching for a castle of her own where she can be her free-spirited self, and feel loved for her bubbling, affectionate personality.

As with any good adventure, Gypsy found herself some faithful sidekicks to help her along the way, foster brothers Tank and Colossus. However, she quickly showcased her inner Merida by beating them at every boy game (wrestling, running, jumping, eating… everything really). It was important for them to know that although she is small in size (50 lbs), she is a strong (and ridiculously fast) force to be reckoned with, and she can hold her own.

Like Goldilocks, Gypsy is on a mission to find that perfect fit. Not the hard life of baby-making, not the soft foster life of Netflix and chill, but rather just the right mix of cuddling by the fire and catch-me-if-you-can (you can’t) shenanigans! It’s because she has such steadfast determination that Gypsy has decided she has no OFF switch; time is just too precious. Unless she happens upon a watering hole (aka bathtub) and her inner Ariel just CANNOT resist the temptation to dive in for a quick swim, Gypsy is always on the GO-GO-GO! That perfect family is out there… she just knows that in her heart, but until you submit your application, she will just have to continue searching. Won’t you help Gypsy find her Happily Forever After?

12/6/17 Update:  We catch up with everyone’s favorite princess, Gypsy Blue, at the peak of her journey to the promise land ‘HOME’. So many exciting encounters along the way it’s hard to keep up! Gypsy found her inner Gretel when she discovered how tasty parts of the foster home were (her very own gingerbread house). Little nibble here, little nibble there, it only made sense to taste this new world around her.

Next she set off with her brother Hansel by her side (played by foster brother Colossus), to brave the concrete forest. They emBARKed on a quest to find the land of BulldogTopia at Mutts Cantina. It seemed they stumbled down a rabbit hole and came out in a Wonderland where everything was All-Bulldog-All-Day. There were bully friends as far as the eye could see, and everyone wanted to love, give treats, and take pictures till they literally fell soundly into a deep slumber. Then when the sleeping beauty woke from her nap she noticed a strange new smile on the on her fairy godmother’s face (foster mom). Lots of hugs, kisses, and bustling about a meet & greet. Could it be? Dare she dream that Happily Ever After is just over the horizon? Stay tuned to find out…