I have wonderful news: I have found my furever family and I’m headed down south! Great thing is I get to go with my mom to work every day now. We are going to get to split up the serious busy day with play time! Even though I had a previous adoption that didn’t work out, I didn’t let that hold me back from trying again. Here is a pic of me resting before I get too crazy.

I just don’t understand why nobody came looking for me! I mean, I’m just a pup.

I got lost in town, but this nice lady found me and took me to her vet clinic. They notified the city about me and told them where I was if someone called or came looking for me. I stayed at the clinic for two weeks and no one called the shelter or came looking for me. They even took me to the shelter and still nobody came. So the shelter called LoneStar Bulldog Club Rescue because they knew the rescue people would know how to handle me the best.

I am a beautiful light fawn color with a few brindle stripes. As fast as I run, someone called them my tiger stripes. I am small and only weigh 28 pounds. I walk well on a leash and I know to go outside (most of the time) to do my lady business. But I am still a puppy. I love to chew—on fingers, toys, clothes, furniture… If I can get my mouth on it, I will chew it. So you need to be sure I have plenty of good chew toys.

I am at the rescue’s vet clinic getting checked out and getting my shots. Then, I’ll be off to my foster home to wait for my next chapter.

5/8/19 Update:  Oh man, oh man… I am so excited to tell you about me!  I am a small bundle of Energizer batteries that doesn’t have an off switch! My hero is Sonic the Hedgehog. That’s because I know I am training to beat him in a race! I have a unique coat due to me going so fast.. it has smeared.🙂 I have a beautiful face and so far, require little maintenance. My tail is cute as a button because it’s always pointed left.

I will warn you: I am still into chewing, jumping and barking for attention. I’m also still working on my potty training. But those are all things that come along with being a puppy! I love my foster brother Buster because he is also young and gets me. We love to play and play and play and, you know, play. Neither one of us like to say it’s over, but our foster parents have to separate us after a while. We both start panting so hard and trying to catch our breath.

Well, it was nice describing myself to you. It’s PLAYTIME, so I’ve got to go. ZOOM, Hali