Hammy the Hunk has a forever home! Hammy knew something was up – his medical ‘hold’ was over and a few things happened that had him suspicious …

– First, he was able to sleep on the people bed (despite the life-long restriction of rights after the little ‘peeing on the pillow’ incident)…

– The next morning he got an extra special spa treatment (he seemed 1/2 appreciative and 1/2 curious as to why he didn’t this get much spa time previously)…

– Then… the something BIG happened…. He didn’t have to go back to the ‘cell’ to serve his ‘medical hold time.’ He got to walk around the house – no crate, no leash – for the first time of over a month! His wiggle-butt moves were off the chart!

That is when it hit him. “Today is MY Day! My Furever Adoption Day!”

Hammy was so excited and so convinced it was his adoption day that he proceeded to grab his blue bone, head to the garage, put his front paws on the bumper of the car and just waited for foster momma and papa to come give him his ‘boost’ into the back of the car so they could take him to meet his new family! 😂🤣

We explained to him that his forever family was driving hours to come get him, and they wouldn’t arrive until later in the day.

When Hammy’s family arrived, he was literally wiggling so much that he looked like he was shaking with excitement. Hammy immediately took to his family. He has a mom, a dad and … a skin brother! They love to cuddle and play, and they know just what having a big ol’ teddy bear of a Bulldog is like. Hammy’s brother even told him they have a Christmas stocking waiting for him at home!

Hammy has all his goodies packed and headed off. Foster mamma and poppa kissed and hugged Hammy goodbye (…there were some ‘we’ll miss you’ tears…) and just like that: Hammy headed with his family into this Happily Ever After.

I’m Hammy the Hunk! I’m new to rescue. Let me tell you a little about me…

I said goodbye to my ‘second family’ this morning. I say my ‘second family’ because, well, I just showed up at their house. I don’t even know how I got there! I was bleeding from open sores and they took me in, got me a doctor, medicine and they took care of me! They looked for those who lost or hurt me – but no one responded. So, I was a part of the family for a long time! What we didn’t know was that the little humans in my second family – who sneezed and sneezed – they were sneezing because of ME! All these allergies were just becoming a bit too much for the whole family to take… I get it, I suffer from allergies too and I don’t want my tiny humans to sneeze.

So, my second family said that this place called rescue would help me! I was promised the opportunity to have the doctor fix my itchiness and other minor ailments, and that I would get to stay in a home where people don’t sneeze and choose a family that will keep me forever. During the long car ride with the rescue folks today, we made a potty stop and you wouldn’t believe the attention I got! “Isn’t he handsome,” “He is adorable,” “What a good looking boy!” I was like the Brad Pitt of Bulldogs! I have been sayin’ this stuff for a long time so it was good to know that other people get it.

Well, thank you to my second home family and the rescue chauffeur. I am excited to meet rescue people and as soon as the rescue doc says I am good, I will begin screening my forever-home applicants! I am pretty sure I will go fast – with looks like these, and a personality to match, you better not wait too long.

And we just found out that Hammy tested positive for heartworms and will soon undergo treatment.

10/16/18 Update:  Hammy the hunk of a foster dog has been sprung from the vet and is recovering at his foster home. However, his foster brother Scout was not as pleased to welcome him. Scout (the spoiled little boy who has ‘I want to be the only dog’ syndrome) blocked the truck door when we tried to load Hammy . 🤦🏻‍♀️

Once Foster Mom & Dad moved Scout & situated Hammy, we looked back to see the ‘The Pout Pose.’

And … while Hammy is happy as can be to be back with the foster family, foster brother Scout has been pouting in the corner – turning only to make sure we see his sad face, give a stink eye & then turn back away to pout more!

Hammy can’t wait to share more updates, as he rests, recovers & gets ready for a bit more treatment in the future.

10/20/18 Update:  Hammy’s so excited to see everyone at Bull-O-Ween today! He wants to wear his ‘Hammy the hamburger’ costume all around the house. “Look how cute I am foster mom! Take my picture!”

11/6/18 Update:  Hammy had a great time this weekend! First, foster pops came back to town and Hammy was SO happy to see him! He hopped and wiggled and rolled over for special belly rubs – nothing like the love these two share ❤ Then Hammy got to go in the car and enjoyed getting to know folks at Bar 2909 on Saturday! Hammy was REALLY lovin’ hangin’ with the bros and hitting on the ladies. Hammy the Hunk was in full force!

Sunday wrapped up the weekend as a fun family day as the whole skin and fur family loaded up and enjoyed a road trip to Puckett’s Nursery to enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers and do some visiting. Hammy has been so good this week with no ‘marking’ or accidents (on purpose!) in his bed/crate! He also has been a Mr. Mom to his newest foster brother lil’ (monster) puppy Ramsey. Hammy was bathing him, playing nice with him and even letting the puppy wrestle with him He is such a good big foster brother!

11/15/18 Update:  Hammy heads to the vet this week as he is finally ready for his heartworm treatment. He is NOT looking forward to 30 days of crate rest! But he knows that it’s for a good reason. He’s also heard talk of a forever family that is waiting for him! Assuming all goes well, Hammy will get to meet his new family after his treatment… and he even heard he gets to have a skin sibling again! Hammy can’t wait!

Hammy’s even practicing his brother skills by being a really good big foster brother to his foster sibling, puppy Ramsey ❤️

11/27/18 Update:   I’m not myself right now. I’m doin’ time behind bars, serving my 30-day crate-rest sentence. All I get are short potty breaks, and even then it’s on a leash … no running, no barking, no playing, no nothin’ fun! I tell ‘ya, this hard time could kill the charm right out of hunk of huggable Bulldog like me! As I reflect on what got me here, my ask to all of you is – please don’t be like me! Make sure you get heartworm prevention medicine. It’s easy, inexpensive and it could save a life … and avoid the reality of having to live life (30 days) behind bars! – Hammy

12/7/18 Update:  Hammy the Hunk is becoming a tad bit tired of this crate rest business. He is givin’ a little ‘tude – this lover is fed up. So, this week he demanded HE write his update. So, here it goes….

Yo, my peoples, dis is Hammy. First of all, this ‘diet’ non-sense needs to be over. I need the Bulldog nation to tell these foster folks to #GimmeDaTreats. Tell me… How can Hammy be a ‘hunk’ when I’m (basically) deprived of everything good and wasting away to a twig?! Hammy the Twig?! That has no ring to it! I can’t get the pets from da’ girls at ‘da club with a name like that! Note to my potential forever family – this hunk is ready to bulk up! Get those treats ready!

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m all better & healed. Don’t listen to that Dr. L. I think she’s turned on me. Listen to Hammy. My heart feels fine, so let me out!Out of the crate, off the leash, and let me have some ‘me’ time! Can’t a dude 💩 in peace?! Geez! Oh, and can we talk toys? I want to run & chase a ball 🎾⚾️🏀⚽️ – to play, chase, just do fun stuff. But these foster folks say it’s ‘for my own good, I rest’ BLAH! … I think they have a conspiracy going with that Dr. L. Not sure why, they all seem nice. But I’m sure it’s a conspiracy! What did I ever do to them?!

Well, to show my disapproval, I peed on foster mom’s pillow! HA! I showed her (FYI to other foster dogs, this plan does backfire as I have lost rights to the big people 🛌!!) Oh, also, I got toy possessive with the puppy 🐶monster that lives here ( – sorta felt bad about that one, he’s a cutie and pretty much idolizes me -). I get one joy – chew bones – and that little twerp tried to take it. What choice did I have? Gotta protect the last good thing I had!

Really, I’m a lover ❤️ – not a grump – but this crate rest crap is driving me crazy! Forever family, Hammy fans, Bulldog nation, anyone… hear my cries – Hammy the Hunk needs freedom, the ability to run and play & no-more-diet…. bring on the TREATS! Can you all help a Hammy out? I’m told I can’t go to the ugly sweater party either, but the puppy monster foster brother will go and can bring home any messages for me or you can post them here. My crate has WiFi, so I’m #online. Thanks, my peoples! – Hammy the Hunk