Hank Huie

Hank Huie

Boy, this one was a whirlwind, as you usually see an adoption coming down the pipeline. The family applied thinking it would take a while until they were matched to the right Bulldog, so they were very patient. Yet all the stars aligned for Hank Huie and his new family. Before we knew it, the family was heading up to the DFW area to get their little guy!

Hank is living the good life with his mom, dad and even grandparents that live behind him! They have connecting backyards and all he has to do it go in the back and say “Hi.” The family tells us it feels like Hank has been home for years.

This was a match made in heaven and foster dad and I couldn’t be happier for this deserving baby boy. He has definitely taken a piece of our hearts and we will never forget Hank Huie. Happy tails, angel.

OK, let me just start with it… I’m an addict. That’s right. I’m addicted to chasing cows and horses and I just can’t give it up.

My folks were afraid someone was going to get seriously hurt ~ either I was going to get kicked in my head or an animal was going to run through a fence. They decided to give me to some friends who had Bulldogs previously, but the friends already had so many dogs, there was no room for me. Thankfully, they contacted rescue and here I am!

I’m a 59 pound lean machine! I am 5 years old and in pretty good health. If you look real close, you will see that I have some spots on my legs from spending too much time in my crate and my teeth are worn a little too much, maybe from chewing on the crate. My back legs move a little funny because I don’t have the muscle tone I should have. This is because my family was trying to keep me from being kicked in the head by the horse!

I am looking for a city family with no large animals to chase. I just can’t stop myself! But I would still love to go on long walks. I love all people and other dogs. I would be a perfect Bulldog for any family—except one that lives near cows and horses!

I hope to see you real soon. We may be a perfect match!

1/15/20 Update:  We are sad to announce that Hank is heartworm positive and will have to undergo treatment.

1/17/20 Update:  Bulldogs are not in the Herding dog category … but no one told Hank Huie! That’s how he came to rescue. He loved chasing the cows on his family’s farm. They were afraid that the livestock was going to get together and turn on him one day and then there would be NO MORE HANK HUIE! Well, we’re very glad to have him. Hank is truly a JOY!

Hank is 5 years old and a fun, happy boy. Upon examination, Dr. Larsen learned that he was bit by a mosquito somewhere along the line and he’s now heartworm positive. He will begin his treatment this week to kick those worms to the curb.

Hank was our first photo shoot of the day. And let me tell you: Hank is the way to start your morning. No cup of coffee needed. Just Hank Huie!
He trotted in, found me on the floor, walked right up and licked me in the face. Not a tender, sweet kiss… he LICKED the whole side of my face! He then decided to lay down and roll all around me, kicking his legs in the air. He then jumped up, ran over to a chair and climbed up to look out the window. I think he was looking for COWS!

Finally, we got him off the chair and that’s when the fun really started. He is Mr. Personality! He was wonderful and loved all the attention. Every now and then, he would stop and have himself a good roll. You’ll see it in one of the pictures. He would jump down and come see me, then jump back up and pose. I was wide awake after Hank left the set.

Hank is just a delight and one of the most entertaining Bulldogs I’ve ever met. He LOVES people and is good with other dogs. I guess when you’ve lived with cows, dogs seem pretty easy.

So, no more cattle herding for Hank Huie! Cattle or horse ranchers need not apply. I can’t promise you won’t get a little cold nosing from time-to-time around the house. He just might be herding you to the kitchen to find him a treat!

2/9/20 Update: Hank has settled into his foster home quickly and easily. What you see is what you get with Hank and he is the whole package.

He loves to play with his foster siblings and has great patience with them. He is submissive and sweet and will share his toys easily. Hank is also very affectionate and will happily share his couch with you or the aformentioned foster siblings.

Hank is also doing very well with house training. We did discover one night after going to bed that he does not like to be closed into his crate and somehow got out of it and was found snoring away on the couch! So that is where he sleeps now. LOL

He doesn’t chew on anything that he’s not supposed to, or tear anything up, so everyone is happy now.

Hank is still on medical hold for heartworms and he will have his treatment in the next few weeks. Then, he will be on 30 days of rest as those nasty worms leave his body. Stay tuned. More to come on this amazing Bulldog!

3/17/20 Update:   Hank Huie is in countdown mode to the end of his heartworm treatment confinement… just a few more days!

It hasn’t been hard to keep this sweet boy calm. His favorite place is the couch and you can usually find him there snoozing the day away.

Don’t get me wrong… Hank does loves to play, but it’s like he knows being quiet and chill is what’s best for him right now.

Hank is house trained, gets along very well with all of his foster siblings and is so loving. Belly rubs are his very favorite and will happily accommodate the belly-flop position for you.

He does have a few quirks. Remember, he was obsessed with chasing cows on the family farm! We think he doesn’t do well with change and it takes him a few days to acclimate.

When his foster brother was adopted, he got anxious overnight and chewed on a wooden gate in the home. Being completely alone is something he doesnt like. As long as he has a fur sibling or two in the home while the family is at school or at work, he will be happy as a clam.

3/30/20 Update:  Just wanted y’all to know everyone is a-OK during this stay at home time while waiting for this virus to chill out. Sheltering at home is right up my alley…. home is where my heart is. The couch helps, too. I got to spend a little time in the park yesterday. Foster Ma says I’m quite the photogenic Bulldog. Laters!