Harley Carley

Harley Carley

Good things come to those who wait. So, I waited. For 103 days, I waited for a family who was just what I needed. And, today, I’m with my new family ~ Mark, Lacey and my new fur sister, Willow. It’s a dream come true for me.
As you know, I had a job as the official greeter at the lawn and garden center for a few months, so working is nothing new to me. Now, I have a job at Paw Country in Granbury doing the very same thing: greeting people, doing quality control, testing new toys, tasting new treats and helping customers with their selections.
I wandered around the store yesterday looking at everything and telling everyone about my new job. Man, this place is cool!
The store has a full-service grooming area and a self-service bathing station. There’s an area for anyone that needs anything for their birds, and shelves filled with cat things. There are two refrigerators ~ one said goat milk and one said raw. I didn’t look inside those because the last goat I saw hit me with his horns, so I’m not a goat fan.
There are a bunch of aisles stocked with dog food, dog toys and homemade treats, like cupcakes and cookies. I even found the office with two large beds and a computer, so I can still order my favorite things. Sweet. I know I’m going to love my new life, my new job and all the new people that I am going to meet.
My time in rescue was amazing. I met a lot of other Bulldogs just like me who were waiting for their dream to come true. My dream came true and I will tell them they need to keep the faith ~ their dreams will happen too.

Hello everyone, it’s me Harley Carley joining rescue!  And as you can see I brought my best friend with me!   Her name is Lollibear.  At first, it was just me who was leaving with my backpack. But then she saw me packing and she came running! I felt really bad leaving her behind so I told her she could come too.  But I can tell you it was a super sad day as we were leaving to go.  We had walked to the car several times, and at the last minute my Dad would have a melt down and we would go back in the house. He loved us both so much and could not stand to see us go.  But, after some serious heart to heart talks, he knew we needed to be with someone that stayed home and didn’t travel so much. So here we are, looking for that perfect family.  Not together though. We want to go our separate ways and not have to share a lap with anyone else. I am 4 years old, a little on the “thick “side but just about as perfect as can be.

10/20/20 Update:  Harley Carley is another super sweetheart. Dr. Larsen called her “moderately obese” even though she only weighs 71 pounds!

 Her checkup today went well. She needs entropion surgery and her tail packed. She has a slight limp in her right rear leg. Otherwise she appears in good shape. She loves to cruise the clinic and hang out with the staff. She met several other bulldogs and did well with them.

I could just stare into those eyes all day long! Dr. Larsen would like for her to loose 10 pounds! The diet started today!

11/2/20 Update:  Hello everyone, Harley Carley here.  I left the clinic today just as a man was walking in the door with some Diet Dog Food.  I was like nooo way I am hanging around to see who that’s for. I am more than happy with my fat rolls—it’s just more of me for someone to love! And I am all about someone loving me.  If you look really close you will see I had a little bit of eye surgery because droopy eyes didn’t look good on me.  I had a nip-tuck here and there and I am not ashamed to admit it.  A lady has to do what a lady has to do.  On Friday I have an appointment to have my nails painted. I am choosing a warm coco color to match my fur.  I can’t wait for my nails to get a fresh coat of nail polish! So, I will be back on Friday to show everyone my nails and to see if anyone has shown interest in adopting me. I am in no hurry though if you are thinking first thing you would do is put me on a diet.  Diets are not for this Harley Carley, I am full figured and pleased to be!

11/30/20 Update:  Today, I started my new job as the official lawn and garden greeter. Pretty exciting, huh? Yeah, I’m trying to redeem myself from what I did yesterday.

Yesterday was an awful day for me … and for some other people too. It was all about the turkey. Well, the turkey and me.
Normally, I am just a lay-around-kinda lady, but not yesterday, Thanksgiving Day. I used my ninja skills to stand on the side of the dinner table to see what I could see. And what did I see? A turkey on a plate, begging for me to help myself.
I grabbed that leg and the turkey flew off that table, and off I ran. Come to find out the 5 second rule does not apply to a turkey on the floor with me.
Another thing I learned is that some people don’t have a sense of humor. Everyone was mad at me. I thought the turkey was for me. The turkey is in the refrigerator now and this morning, all my Bulldog friends had some pieces on top of their dog food. The way I see it is I was just helping out my friends with fur so they could have a Thanksgiving feast like me.
I went by the feed store this morning and had a weigh-in on their feed scale. I’ve gained 5 lbs…. now I am up to 75 lbs. Lord, what has happened to me? Good thing I have a job now and get to help people in the garden center because plump only looks good on a turkey at a Thanksgiving Day feast!

12/8/20 Update:  Things are going great with my job as the lawn and garden greeter. I can tell you the truth: I have stopped some shoppers in their tracks. At first, I thought it was because of my beauty, but after listening to them whispering, I found out it was because of my size. Can you believe that? Super-sized is a size after all. It really hurt my feelings.

I have been bringing my snacks to work with me and I hope that next week my snacks are not green beans. I have seen all the beans I care to see.

I thought I had lost a few pounds, but when I went for my weigh-in, I found out I had not. I was so disappointed. After all my walking and working, I still weigh the same. Next week, I will add some sit-ups to my routine, so wish me luck.

I’m looking for a new family that loves the ladies who are pleasantly plump. But you know what? I’m not looking too hard because I’m really been enjoying this garden center job. And next week, I am moving up to supervisor…. supervisor of the snack room!

12/12/20 Update:  It was a chilly day, so foster girl Harley Carley decided to pull out her fur shawl for her garden center shift.

12/18/20 Update:  Here I am, back on the job at the garden center. Did you notice my new harness and scarf? Santa came early for me and I could not wait to put them to good use.

There was quite a bit of adjusting on my part because even though the scales don’t reflect my weight loss, I am feeling it all over. I can run like the wind now and that handle on the back? That’s just to slow me down when I get to running too fast!
I am still loving life and my foster family, but I’m closer and closer to getting my very own family. I have some requirements in moving though.
My family has to buy good treats, or maybe even make treats. I eat twice a day and I don’t consider mixing green beans in my food a necessity. That one tooth you always see sticking out? That tooth is the one I use to remove the green beans from the food bowl.
Cheese in bite-sized chunks is used for giving me my joint supplements every day. And no… I won’t eat the joint supplement by itself because I don’t like the way it tastes.
Friday is payday and I take my pay at the drive-thru window at Braum’s. My favorite flavor is strawberry, and if it is served in the form of a shake, that’s a win-win for me. I don’t use a straw. I prefer to just gulp it right down and use a baby wipe later. I can use my tongue to clean most of my face. I can even clean the milkshake off my eyebrows.
So, you might call me a high maintenance lady and I am OK with that title. This lady knows what she likes and she’s not going to settle for less than she deserves.
Harley Carley out and I better be headed to Braum’s.

12/24/20 Update:  I’m wearing one of my Christmas presents! It was under the Christmas tree and I saw my name on it. I ripped the bag right open to see what I could see. And now look at me! It fits me, looks very stylist and will keep me warm while I am working outside! The lady who bought me this was not that happy that I helped myself to the bag, but it did have my name on it.

I tried to use the sweater to disguise myself so I could sneak into Braum’s for my milk shake. The manager met me at the door and sternly said, “No dogs allowed!” She didn’t have a sense of humor at all.

Oh, well… After work at the garden center, I am going to the drive-thru and nothing can stop me now. This evening, I will drink my milk shake while watching all the bids come in our auction. Don’t forget we go live at 5 p.m., CST! Bid high to help all my dogs in foster care.

1/9/21 Update:  Yesterday, I went to the spa for a bubble bath and later on, I had my nails professionally done. Alyson, a Color Street stylist, brought her assistant Rene to do my nails.

I looked through all the colors and decided red would look great and I was so right!

I was the perfect model. I sat like a statue while the pampering began. My nails were cleaned and the color applied.

Then there was some wrapping, while I was rolling around the floor with Rene rolling right along with me. Alyson was super sweet. She did her share of rolling around on the floor with us.

We took lots of videos of me in the process of getting my nails done. We had a fabulous time. We laughed and laughed and it felt so good to have fun.

Alyson believes I may be the new face of Color Street. I told her I might be interested, but she needed to show me the money because beauty like this only comes once in a life time.

1/11/21 Update:  My life just keeps getting better and better. Yesterday was my spa and nail day and today my friend Rebecca came to see me and brought be a new wrap that matches my nails! Rebecca said it was going to snow and I needed to stay warm.

Guess what else? She brought some bags of treats for the other dogs in rescue. I am going to send them to the vet clinic tomorrow to share with the Bulldogs there. I picked out my favorite pumpkin ones, though. Those are not going anywhere. I love all things pumpkin!