Hazel Jo (now Daisy)

Hazel Jo (now Daisy)

Mugsy and Hazel Jo (now known as Daisy) are officially sisters. Today they both headed off on a big car adventure with their new Mom and skin sister.

There are two very special things about this family and adoption. One is that not too long ago they made this same journey and adopted two precious girls from LSBCR. These two girls are now also officially new sisters for Mugsy and Daisy. The second thing I will leave for a surprise that one of our other foster families will reveal 😉.

Hazel Jo (Daisy) is such an affectionate girl and just loves attention. She still has many things to learn but her new family will work with her so the amazing girl she is can come out. We are both going to miss those sweet hugs and entertaining toy time.

Miss Mugsy can only be described as special. She stole both of our hearts the minute we met her and she soon became foster dads little girl. Mugsy has the sweetest eyes and most innocent face which made it so hard to be mad at her when she performed her Houdini escape attempts. She would just look up at you and wiggle that little tail and all will be forgotten. You have taken a big piece of foster dads heart with you Mugsy girl.

Congratulations on getting the life both of you sweet babies deserve and also to this amazing family who is continuously willing to take in these amazing bullies and give them a second chance.

Hey Ya’ll my name is Hazel-Jo, but my friends call me Hazy-Hay or Hazy for short. 

I’m still a youngin’ at 1.5 years old. I love to play, run, and love on people (especially the fellers’) & critters  – cats, dogs, kids… I pretty much love all of God’s creatures… except maybe not squirrels & rabbits. I’m pretty sure the good Lord made those critters so dogs has somethin’ to chase, am I right?!  Oh, and if you can’t tell, sometimes I like to talk! As my momma taught me, it ain’t gossip if you are puttin’ it on the prayer chain (and Lord knows I can pray! How else you think I ended up in Rescue?!). Any-way as you can tell I’m just a sweet God fearin’ girl’ 

As far as bulldogs go I’m told I’m pretty blessed – I don’t have any skin issues, and I’m pretty sure the doc will give me a clean bill of health. One thing I do know is I don’t want no babies so Imma let that doc & the techs do a little nip-tuck to seal that deal down! 

I’ll check in with y’all later!  It’s time to catch the other bulldogs up on somethin’ I overheard that Heather-tech talkin’ ‘bout! 

10/10/19 Update:  Hazel Jo moved in with us on the weekend and wow, she is just the sweetest girl. She totally puts the whole “Bulldogs are lazy” rumor to shame. Hazel Jo just loves to play, run and give the best cuddles.

Hazel Jo is an amazing house guest. She figured out the doggy door within a day, so no issues with where to go potty. She is also happy to go in a crate with no complaints.

Hazel Jo loves her playtimes with her foster sister, Mugsy. These two girls will play for hours and when they get tired, they will lay down and continue to play 😂