Hazel Marie

Hazel Marie

That’s right, you heard it here first! Hazel had a wonderful meet and greet yesterday and it went flawlessly.  She was pulling her leash and couldn’t get through the door fast enough. She was so happy and loved to explore her new home. She now has two skin siblings and two fur ones, as well. She enjoys napping next to her brother, Orca, and watching her new skin brother play games in the bed. It was a joy to foster Hazel and we are so happy she found her perfect match.

What’s a girl to do when a certain place itches all the time? I’ve rubbed my bum raw so many times, I have lost count.

I was rescued from a shelter over a year ago and taken home by a wonderful family. That’s when the itching started. Half my rear end would be raw and bleeding. I once rubbed it on the wooden fence and ended up with splinters—you know where! Ouch, that hurt. We tried different foods, shampoo, medicines, you name it. But no matter what they and the vet tried, nothing helped.

They loved me too much for this to continue. As a last resort, they contacted rescue. They said, “Hazel, we love you too much to watch you suffer. We can’t figure out what to do. So we are sending you to rescue where Dr. Larsen, the Bulldog expert, will figure it out and make you whole again.”

So here I am. I’m about 4 years old and I’ve been to school to learn some manners. I obey several commands and walk well on a leash. I love to travel in a car. I get along great with other dogs and children. I just need this itching to stop! I cannot wait to get this nightmare over and find my new home. Wish me well.

6/7/21 Update:  #MeetHazel

My name is: Hazel

My age is: 4 years

My nickname is: Zel

My favorite human is: Foster Dad

My favorite human food is: Shredded Cheese

My biggest fear is: New surroundings

My favorite thing to do is: paw your hands when you stop petting me

Do I love car rides? Yes

Do I snore? Nope

Am I spoiled:  Yes, I love to play with my Frenchie foster siblings.

7/5/21 Update:  I am excited to spend my playing with my foster sis Coco. She is a little nuts, but really, what Frenchie isn’t? 🙂 I am very gentle with her and we love playing for hours. I get her all wound up.

I am still looking for my furever home. I’d prefer to have another fur sibling because I’m playful. I don’t mind sitting on the couch either and getting my belly rubbed. Please send in an application and maybe we’ll be a perfect match! Until next week, stay safe.