Heath is one lucky pup! After a short stay at the B&B, he’s off to his forever home. He’s excited for playtime with his new fur sister and the snuggles from his skin brother, who can’t wait to share his bed with him. Here’s to new toys and new adventures!

Just remember, it’s not polite to stare. Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing… “Oh, my goodness. Look at the baby. Oh my gosh, look how sweet. Oh, can he sit in my lap?” Sometimes being so fabulous certainly has its drawbacks. Just know: I was born this fabulous.

Today, I am 9 months old. I joined rescue because I am feeling a little under the weather. The bottom of my feet are sore and I have a fever of 103. I knew that I needed to go sit with Dr. Larsen today, so she could help me feel better. Normally, I am a wild and crazy kind of fella. Today, I just feel a little blah. I think it might be my skin infection that has me feeling not so pretty, but I really don’t know.

All I know is when I got to the clinic, the ladies there squealed with delight and the lap sitting started right away. I was passed from one lap to another. Everyone wanted to kiss this baby.

Oh, I also asked for a name change. I have not always been Heath, but I like that name. It suits me. There is one fella who works at the clinic and his name is Landon Heath. So, I took Heath because us fellas have to stick together in a clinic full of ladies.