Henry (now Gunner)

Henry (now Gunner)

Henry boy here and I have been adopted and made my way to my forever home in Colorado. My new name is Gunner, and although I miss my brother Hudson a little, I have a new sister, Miss Tatum, and I love her. Thank you LSBCR for finding me the perfect family and the beautiful mountains I now get to call home!

Hey all, Henry here. If I look familiar it’s because you have already met my brother Hudson!  Hudson is the naughty one, the chewing one, the rowdy one. I am the perfect one!  At 5 months we have set out to find a patient and loving home that appreciates the antics of a puppy!   Today I have  been showing Dr. Larsen my good side. Well, really all of my sides are good ones.  But today Dr. Larsen learned I can run like the wind and bark like a beagle!  I am going to love my stay with Dr. Larsen, she gets me—all 33 lbs of me.

9/30/19 Update: It finally rained at our house… it rained puppies! Mr. Hudson Lynn and Mr. Henry Davis are in the house and boy, are they cute. I am not really sure how all this transpired, but somehow after a med pick up for Mabel at Puckett’s, Brian and I are fostering puppies. Good lord! They are as sweet as pie and total little stinkers! Good thing our bathroom is in state of permanent transition (please do not judge! 😁) and was available. All other rooms at the inn are full! Toys, blankets, towels, bowls and chew bones were added to the room and now it is officially Puppy Land.

We only have had them for one night, but they are absolutely adorable and 100% puppy mischief. Ask Brian about his Margaritaville flip flops and his toilet paper! LOL!

They are doing good going potty, but have a ways to go on that… I did not get up fast enough at 3:30 a.m. when I heard them stirring to get them outside, so they left me presents to pick up and clean up. I still felt victorious, as I did not have two poop-covered puppies to wash this morning!

You cannot give them a bowl of water without them drinking the entire thing all at once. YIKES! And, they eat by switching bowls every 20 seconds. If you try to put them back at their own bowl, they get confused. I will try to get a video for your viewing enjoyment soon.

Henry is still on eye meds after his cherry eye procedure, but Hudson is all good. He is a goofball and makes the funniest faces! If you have seen the “doggie denture” commercial, he could totally star in it!

Henry has a home already, so this duo will only be together for a week or less. I know they will make the most of it! Stay tuned for more adventures. How on earth do you not fall in love with these faces? OMG!