Herman spent 202 days in rescue, making the most of his time and becoming the Bulldog he was meant to be for the family he was meant to call his own. He now has a fellow alumna Bulldog sister, Sweet Pea, and two doting Bulldog parents who absolutely adore this little love bug.

Herman came into Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue as a stray and this poor boy was just a mess. Anything that could be wrong with him, was: skin issues, eye issues, ear issues, heartworm positive, bad hips and a knee that needed surgery. But do you know what? Even though you know he didn’t feel well and he was in a great deal of pain, he was always the happiest and friendliest little boy. With love and expert care, Dr. Larsen and her staff got him healthy and back to what a Bulldog should be.
He then came to our house a few days after his patella and ACL repair to heal, gain some much needed weight and do some fun water treadmill therapy. All this time, his nubby little tail never stopped wiggling. Best in Texas, we say!

Herman was such a joy to foster and we will miss him very much. He has a special place in our hearts forever. Happy tails, little man. Foster
Mom and Dad love you!

Herman here checking into rescue. I was found as a stray and taken to a shelter that contacted these nice rescue folks to come get me. My owner never came to claim me, and that is fine with me! As you can see, they never took very good care of me.

I am around 4 years old and I have lots of eye, ear and skin issues. Or as someone said, I am a bulldog! But I am at Dr. Larsen’s place and she said she would have me all fixed up in no time. I also need to be neutered and all checked out. 

So far I have done well with the few other dogs I have met in the shelter and the clinic. Everybody I have met just loves me and says how sweet I am. I just try to love everyone back for loving me. Oh, and I love belly rubs!

So follow my progress and get ready to be matched with me in a few weeks when I am ready to be adopted.

8/23/19 Update:  In addition to the normal bulldog issues Herman has, we have also discovered he had mild hip dysplasia and a badly dislocated right kneecap. Our orthopedic surgeon will be looking at him to decide how best to help him. We also found out today that he tested positive for heartworms. He will have to undergo treatment when he gets a little stronger.

10/22/19 Update:  The reason you haven’t heard from me in awhile is because I have been going through heartworm treatment. It’s nearly over, so I decided to get out in the sun. A lady was there taking photos and I said, “Take Me, Take Me.” She got all my good sides, which is all of me. See how handsome I am?

I am about 4 years old. I was found on the street and taken to the shelter. That’s where Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue found me. I don’t know why my family didn’t come when they were contacted, but that’s the past. My present with my rescue family has been wonderful. Dr. Larsen has cleared up my eye and ear issues, and now my heartworms. I love her so much! I have lots of people friends at the clinic. They are so loving and good to me. My favorite thing that’s happened is I found my best friend, Jolene. We play together on our outside time.

I’m a happy-go-lucky guy. Never in a bad mood. I love people, kids, cats and other dogs. I still have some puppy in me. I love to run and play. My rescue family says I’m the sweetest boy around. Belly rubs are my favorite! I will roll over and show you my belly to make it easy for you to give me one. I’m a very kind boy ~ I like to put my paw on you to let you know how much I love you.

As soon as my treatment is complete, I will be ready to find my own family. I AM SO EXCITED! I am healthy, happy and ready to love and be loved. Talk to you soon!  Herman

12/22/19 Update:  Herman here!  I’m looking for Santa!  I hear he is coming soon.  This will be the first Christmas the big guy will be bring me presents!  I’ve made my list.  I want a new collar, leash and chew toys.  What I really want is a forever family.  A family that have a Christmas tree and some kids that will wait for Santa with me.  Or, maybe a family that I’m their kid and I get all the PRESENTS under the tree.  I am even OK with some fur brothers or sisters.  Any of the above would be great with me.

Now about what’s been going on lately.  Well, my best friend Jolene left the clinic and went to live with her Foster family.  I sure do miss her!  I moped around several days after she left, but I’m better now.  I’m nearly done with my heartworm treatments and then I will be ready for my Foster home too!  Maybe before Christmas!!!!

My manners were so good at the Christmas photo shoot, I got extra TREATS!  I love being outside with people and I love treats, so it was a great day for me.  You’ll see in one of my photos, me licking my lips.  I had just finished one of those tasty treats.  They then tried to put antlers on my head, I said no way, not even for a treat.  Those things look RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

You’ll see a photo of that too.  When they took them off I was so tired I just had to lay down and took a nap.  There is only so much work a beautiful boy can do before he needs a nap.  You men know what I’m talking about.

Please keep me in mind when your looking for that special boy for your family.  Here is my  resume: I’m sweet, loving, playful, great with kids and other furry pets. I’m also a great foot warmer.  I love to lay on your feet when you sit down.  See you won’t need socks for cold winter nights, with me in the house.  Hope Santa’s good to you!  I know he will be good to me this year!  Herman

2/9/20 Update:  Herman is about 8 weeks post-op from his knee repairs and he is doing fantastic! His underwater treadmill sessions are underway and he gets stronger after each session. He has about five more to go, then the rehab vet will assess if he will be ready to be cleared for adoption. We are so proud of how far he has come.

Herman is such a happy, little boy and easy to please. He loves to be with his people, snuggling up on the couch with you… or even without you as the couch seems to be his favorite place! He also loves to play with his foster siblings. House training is going very well, although he does not like to go out in the rain, so using a leash to go with him is the best way to go out on those rainy days. Herman just wants to show love and be loved. He is a simple Bulldog boy.