Holly (now Maxie)

Holly (now Maxie)

Holly has been adopted!  Today was Holly’s big day. Holly had her bath, got brushed and all her wrinkles and ears cleaned. She saw foster mama packing her bag and she knew good times were ahead. When Holly’s forever mama walked in the door, Holly did her happy dance. She has forgotten being dumped at the shelter and is looking forward to all the love, kisses and hugs she will get. Forever mama Kathy was so happy and excited to get her little girl who will now be known as Maxie. Kathy loves Bulldogs and has adopted before so we know Maxie will bring her much joy. Maxie has hit the jackpot and we are all so happy for her.

We received a phone call from the Humane Society of North Texas when the shelter had taken in an owner surrender that proved to be a true emergency case. The dog’s owner had just been sent to prison. The poor Bulldog was in labor and had already whelped one pup. We raced to Fort Worth to pull the momma and the baby out of the shelter and get them to safety. They are currently at our vet in Sulphur Springs, where our sweet vet, Dr. Larsen (who also dropped everything to help!), is now assessing the situation and determining the next steps. We’ll post more updates as the become available. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers…. we need all we can get.

12/30 Update:  There was one more puppy, who unfortunately was stillborn. Momma, “Holly,” is doing well, but obviously exhausted. Baby Charlie is taking to the milk bar and seems to be enjoying the tap selection. Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers. Survival, especially for the baby, is our No. 1 concern.Charlie weighed in at 0.9 pounds and seems very healthy and hungry.

1/8/18 Update:  Momma Holly and Baby Charlie are settling in to their foster home. Holly is safe and warm and caring for her baby like a good momma. Holly loves Charlie and cries for him when he is not with her. She gets anxious, but she will soon learn there is nothing to fear. Holly is a sweet stout cannonball of a Bulldog and very gentle. She even lets the small grandchildren pet her baby Charlie. Holly doesn’t mind her fur siblings, but she prefers to stay in her room with her baby accommodations and her crate. She is very well-mannered and still exploring and figuring out her new life. Holly had a bath and she loved getting scrubbed and patted dry. She is a gentle chunk and quite a beautiful girl. She sticks close to her foster mama. Charlie eats and sleeps… he eats every 2 hours, 24/7. He sleeps in a warm, heated bed and goes to his mom Holly for meals. Charlie is going to be a pistol!

1/14/18 Update from Charlie’s foster momma: Foster baby Charlie loves his little lambie. Charlie is just beginning to open his eyes and foster mama is supplememtal feeding Charlie to fatten him up.

1/21/18 Update:   Foster mama Holly loves her Valentine’s Day collar from P Dawg accessories for bulldogs. Thank you, Erika and P Dawgs, for all that you do for the Bulldogs. Holly had her bath today and she is feeling extra special and pretty in her new flower collar. Holly is so sweet and never asks for anything except food, a soft bed and her baby Charlie.