Holly has found her forever home.  A few weeks ago she packed her bags and moved to Houston and is doing great.  She has a fur brother that was also once a LSBR rescue.  She  She has even attended doggy day care, and loves playing with the big dogs.

We sure do miss this sweet girl, but we couldn’t be happier knowing she is right where she is supposed to be.

We’re not sure if Butler and Holly are friends, if Holly is Butler’s mom or if they are brother and sister. We don’t know if they’ve lived together their whole lives or if they barely know each other. But, whatever their relationship, we’re glad we can help them!

Holly writes: Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for helping us, for rescuing us and for changing our lives forever! It all started earlier this week when Cane Rosso Rescue was asked to help get us out of South Texas. Cane Rosso is a sporting breed rescue, so we did not exactly fit in with what they bring up from the south. So a wonderful lady named Kelly reached out to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for some help. We were so excited when we heard that.

Then the news came that the rescue transport was full and there was no room left for us to ride. We were heartbroken…. we thought we were going north, only to find out we were not.

And then a miracle happened. A volunteer reached out to Rene and Laura from Lone Star Dog Ranch, asking if they knew anyone in our area that we could hitch a freedom ride with. And the rest is history. Here we are. A thousand thanks to two transport people, Sharleen and Ricky, who made sure we left and made it to McKinney.

Now about me, Holly. I am super hungry… like, ALL THE TIME. If I see some unattended kibble, I can come in like a wrecking ball and it gets ugly. Every bite of food I am obsessed with. I came with a note that read, “DO NOT FEED WE WITH BUTLER.” Because I will eat mine and his food, too. I need to be fed in a crate by myself!

Now about Butler. He is super thin. I mean, THIN. That’s because I always ate his food. And he won’t fight back. But Butler is darling. He just lets me eat his food. So, off to the vet we go and I’ll share more about us soon.

Love, Holly and Butler

12/15/19 Update:  Hi its me Holly, A lot of exciting things have happened in my first two weeks with my new foster family!

The first week I really settled in to my new foster home.  I’ve got a foster brother that at first I wasn’t so sure about, but now I think he’s ok.  I love having a foster family to practice snuggling with…I give them gentle kisses and hugs every chance I get.  I’m really practicing hard so I will be an expert for my forever family.   I’ve gotten to go on car rides, visit Santa Claus,  and I even got to go to Hobby Lobby.

Things my new family should know. I am a super sweet girl, at least that’s what my foster parents  tell me everyday. Also I am completely potty trained, I’m not toy or food aggressive, I walk really good on my leash, I love baths, I like kids and I really love toys, especially the squeaky kind and  bene bones.   So if you know anyone looking for a super cute and sweet lap dog send them my way.

12/25/19 Update:  Hi it’s Holly (aka Holly Jolly),

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I tell you how excited I was when Santa came and left me some presents. I got my very own stocking with toys.  He even left me a bone with my name on it, just for me.  Also I forgot to share with you my visit with the Grinch. I asked Santa for just one more thing, my forever family…can’t wait for us to find each other.

1/15/20 Update:   Just letting you know that I am an all-around girl. If you’re looking for someone to nap with, give you kisses, snuggle during the football game or go on walks, I am the one for you. I am hoping to find my furever home soon, so if you know of anyone looking for a super sweet young lady, send them my way.