Homer has found his furever home!  That’s right- it was a quick stay in our foster home. We picked up this big bundle of joy right before Thanksgiving. He loves his humans and is always by your feet. Bruce and Kara couldn’t wait to meet him. They took a long trip from San Antonio with their fur baby Molly. Molly was a joy to meet. She has an easy-going personality that just meshed with Homer’s curiosity. They hit it off and it seems like they will be taking long naps and short walks together. Homer left with his bed he came with and couldn’t wait to get out the door. Best wishes, Homer and Molly, and thank you, Bruce and Kara, for choosing Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue!

Please welcome 3-year-old Homer to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. He writes: I have a strange addiction. I am addicted to water, especially the water in the swimming pool! Up until a year ago, everything was great and then I watched the summer Olympics. That is where my love to swim started. I put on my Speedo and off I ran to bring home the gold for my family.

Well, things did not go as planned that day. My dreams of being the next Michael Phelps died when I sunk right to the bottom. But, being a determined Bulldog, wearing my Speedo, several times I have tried to swim. Same outcome every time… I sink. I sat and looked out the window at the water… If no one was watching, I’d run out and be gone like the wind. I dream about swimming, doing water aerobatics, sun bathing, getting a killer tan, etc. My water obsession is real.

It was to the point that I just wore a life jacket 24/7 because my family knew, with active teenagers coming and going, I was going to go swimming. It didn’t matter to me the season either. Even in the dead of winter, I would jump right in head first! All I really know is my family loved me dearly. I was loved enough to know I would never be able to swim and before something really awful happened when no one was looking. I needed a family that did not have a pool. I am “thick” also, and I think I am a lap Bulldog. I am looking for a family that is active and it would be great if they have kids. I had a 10-year-old Bulldog brother that I loved dearly and I often socialized with other dogs in my neighborhood.

I have come to the conclusion I will never be the next gold medal swimmer, but in the world of Bulldogs, I am SOLID gold!

11/22/17 Update:

Homer is the name, And I’m looking for some fame.

I would love to meet you, Because is long over due.


If big and fully you seek, Come meet me next week.

I have handsome round brown eyes, You won’t want to say your goodbyes.


Been told I have a great big paw, That can catch you if you fall.

Searching online for a home, That can house this huge dome.


I know you are needing someone to love, I have fur as soft as a dove.

No other bulldog can compare, So hit that button named share.