Honey Dew

Honey Dew

This is not a trick. It’s a complete TREAT… I’ve been adopted! 

A sweet young couple drove from Houston and told me they thought I was the cutest Bulldog they’ve seen, and that I was so sweet, and that they wanted to take me home. 


They wanted to take ME home! A furever HOME of my own. After a year in my foster home, they came for ME! 

Foster Mom and sister cried tears of joy, gave me big hugs and packed my favorite things. Then, I was off to Houston. My new parents bought me a wagon, treats and toys. I am one spoiled Bulldog.

Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for taking such good care of me until my new parents found me. I am so happy and so loved.

All aboard the rescue train! Today I heard my friends Brindleigh and Sugar Puddin’ were going to rescue, and I was not about to let them leave without me. So I quickly threw what little I had in my bag and went with them. We have been friends most of our lives.

My name is Honey Dew and I am 8 years old. I have always lived in small spaces so my walking is not the best. I can walk, I just don’t always see the need. This man was trying to take pictures and I just wanted to lay my big belly on the grass and rest. Maybe I will do better for my next photo shoot.

I met Dr. Larsen today and got bunches of kisses. Everyone said I was just as sweet as my name. I have had a few babies in my day, but doc will make sure those days are over. I have an ear that hurts and a few other aches and pains, but I am sure I will be ready to go in no time.

So do you think your want a mature gal like me to come lay around your house and put my belly on your couch? I think it would be fun!

8/30/20 Update:  My name is Honey Dew, and I am new to foster care.  I just arrived this week at the Clark’s house.  They are super nice.  I wasn’t sure of things the first few days, but I’m really starting to enjoy my new digs.  I have my own crate, a new clean bed that’s fluffy and 3 humans who let me sit in their lap and rub my belly.  I think I could get used to this.

My foster family says I’m a sweet girl and smart too, I’ve already learned how to use the bell on the door to go potty outside. I went down the street for a walk this evening- that was fun. I’ll keep you guys up to date on all the new things I do this week.   Love,   Honey Dew

6/6/20 Update:  I am playing on the patio this morning and loving life. I heard the word “No” this week from my foster mom. I’m not sure why she doesn’t enjoy me pulling the pillows and throw blankets off the couch and chairs. They are so fun to tug. 🙂 She says I haven’t mastered the word yet, but I’ll keep working on it.

I am eating and sleeping well. I am learning the words “crate” and “go potty.” My foster family continues to tell me how sweet and pretty I am. I am very loved!
My foster mom says our goal this week is to learn the word “sit.” Not sure what that means, but I’ll let you know how it goes.
I almost forgot to tell you… I met another dog on a walk this week. I didn’t like him. He wanted to meet me and be nice. I didn’t and we walked on. As we left, I growled. I guess I have a few other things to work on this week. But first, I need a nap.

9/20/20 Update:  HI everyone!  I am loving this cooler weather and being outside for longer periods of time.  I’ve been practicing my walking around the perimeter of the fence…I am the patrol dog for the next door neighbor cat and the neighborhood bunny.  They like to visit my backyard.  I’m scared of my collar and leash and run away when I see it, but I enjoy walking around in the familiar backyard.

I’ve learned how to jump up onto the couch- it’s so soft and comfortable up there, but foster mom says I need to wait to be invited.  I have shown my foster family how to tear up my dog bed, blankets and pillows.  They were not impressed.  This foster family is so nice and patient with me.  I’m still super scared of any noise and all movements.  But I am getting used to the snuggles and the rubs.  My favorite thing to do right now is to get brushed…it feels so good.

My foster family said to ask for any tips related to getting me not to rip and tear up anything I see. Talk to y’all next week.Love, Honey Dew

10/8/20 Update:  I wanted to drop in and tell you guys that I am starting to feel more and more at ease. I have claimed to the left side of the couch, and so Foster Mom put my own blanket on that side of the couch since I really like to snuggle there.

I am learning to put my bottom down before I get my breakfast and dinner. My foster mom says the word “sit” and I really think she should say, “COME AND GET IT”… I looooveee to eat. I got to taste pumpkin this week. Have you guys tried it? It’s good.

My foster sister lets me crawl up on her shoulder in the evenings now to snuggle while we are on the couch. It makes me feel safe and calm.

The highlight of my week was visiting a former rescue, Miss Gabby. I went over to the Menard Suites & Spa, where I’ll be vacationing for a few days while my foster parents are out of town. It is awesome… Mr. Menard has Bulldog Happy Hour. Have you ever heard of that? It was so fun and yummy. I got a snack and lots of love. So I can’t wait to visit there later this week for a bit of pampering and interaction with some other girly Bulldogs. I hear they are all very nice.  Talk to you next week.  Love,  Honey Dew

10/20/20 Update:  I am loving this cooler weather. Foster Mom is having a hard time getting me inside. I make her use treats to get me inside. 😉 Treats, treats… I love treats.❤️ I also made an agreement with her that I wouldn’t eat the dirt out of her potted plants if she gave me more snacks, and she agreed. I learned that I really like bananas.

Last weekend, I stayed at the Menard Suites and Spa… man, oh man, that was the creme de la creme. I miss their Bulldog Happy Hour. While I was there, I learned that other dogs are not so bad. I made a new friend; her name is Brynn. She moves slowly, so she doesn’t startle me and she doesn’t try to boss me around. She let me sniff her and allowed me sit close beside her. I really liked her gentleness. I didn’t know that I could get along with other animals, but I can. Foster Mom said she is so proud of me. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m headed back outside now.
10/26/20 Update:  Today, I’m spending time on the couch watching football today with my foster family, but I wanted to pop in to let you know I had a great week. I’m learning to be a little playful… I jog around the yard after meals, and I’m getting pretty fast. I’ve started chasing my foster sister and I love running to foster mom when she tells me how pretty I am. I’m coming out of my shell. My biggest achievement of the week? I overcame my fear of foster dad… he’s really nice and loves to give me belly rubs. I really like him, now.
11/12/20 Update:  I’m coming up on three months in my foster home and I love them so much, but I’m ready for my FUREVER home.
Here are a few things I’ve learned over the last few months:
*I love to eat…I have a great appetite!
*I love treats and snacks and Bulldog happy hour…my favorite snacks are bananas and Cheerios!
*I like my environment slow and on the quieter side of things (loud voices and fast movements aren’t my favorite).
*I love chew toys!
*People are so fun to snuggle with. I love it when they scratch my belly and behind my ears.
*I love to sleep at night in my crate and I go to my crate when my foster family says, “Crate, go night-night.”
*I sit in my crate and wait patiently until my foster mom wakes up to let me out to eat and potty. I realized I no longer have to bark. She comes every day and never forgets me.
*I love being brushed. It feels so good!
*Did I mention that I love treats? Have you tried tuna fudge? Ohhh, yummy. You should try it.
*I use stairs to get on the couch, so I don’t hurt my joints.
*I like being the only dog, but I don’t mind older, slower dogs. I don’t like hyper, yappy dogs ~ they get on my nerves.
*I like to walk and run outside in the backyard.
I am such a sweet girl and I just want to find my furever home. I can’t wait to meet them. I know they are out there, just waiting for me to give them big, slobbery kisses.
11/22/20 Update: Sorry I didn’t check in last week. We had an unexpected visitor… a little white fur ball named Bruiser. Foster Mom’s parents were sick, so Bruiser stayed with us for a few days.
I figured out that little balls of fur-energy aren’t too bad. I tolerated him. I didn’t growl and I didn’t bark. I enjoyed smelling him and playing with his toy monkey and his little food bowl. Don’t tell Foster Mom, but I ate a little bit of his kibble. 😉
Foster Mom said she’s sooo proud of me for making progress because the last time I was with fur-energy, he freaked me out. Maybe a family with another pet isn’t out of the question.
I was such a good helper this week… I helped Foster Mom on the computer, with raking leaves and cleaning the shower. I don’t know what she did before I showed up.
I have so many things to be thankful for and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is #1!
Gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving.
11/30/20 Update:   We had a great Thanksgiving over here. I got to see the white fur-ball full of energy, aka Bruiser, again. I think he really likes my figure. He wanted to hold my paw, so I let him. Heehee! We had a great nap on the couch with the humans. All is going well here. I love snuggling with my foster family on the couch and playing with my chew toys. Just waiting for my perfect furever family to be matched to me! We are putting up the Christmas tree today… I can’t wait!
12/14/20 Update:  I’m snuggled up today and napping on this warm blanket. I haven’t felt the greatest this week, so I visited Dr. Larsen. She is the nicest! She let me sit in her lap, snuggled me and told me how good I look. I am feeling much better after seeing her and have started playing with my toys again and running outside. Nobody can keep this Bulldog down.
2/7/21 Update:  Foster mom says I have such a cute “squishy face”, she squeezes it,  talks to me in this really sweet voice and then scratches my velveteen ears…I love it!!


I love to cuddle and snuggle, but I also have a little bit of energy in the mornings.  I don’t particularly love the leash, so foster mom and I run inside the house and play outside to get exercise.  I also help her do yoga and workout, she likes it when I help her.

I got a new toy for Christmas, Mr. Moose, and I have finally come around to playing with him.  I didn’t have toys before my foster home, so it takes me a little while to warm up and learn what to do with them- Foster Mom says I am a good learner and making such good progress.

Today my furball friend came over to play, his name is Bruiser and he weights 10 pounds.  He really likes to run fast and fetch balls.  I am learning how to play and interact with him.  Foster Mom says I am doing well with my interactions with other dogs and that I would likely do well in a home with other dogs.

2/24/21 Update:  So glad the snow melted! I was not a big fan of the cold stuff!

Our power is on, we have water and our internet is back… all is good at the Clark House! I am feeling good.

I’m now reviewing applications for my furever home. I enjoy playing with my humans in the morning and then I’m ready for a nap 😴

Hope everyone has a great week!

3/30/21 Update:  I enjoyed being outside so much!! Foster Mom could barely get me to come inside. Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!

Also, Foster Mom wanted me to remind you that I’m the sweetest pup, I love snuggles, rubs and ear scratches. I would love to find my furever home. I love people, don’t mind other dogs and the only thing that scares me are sneezes. I am a chill, laid-back girl. I enjoy naps and treats, treats and more trreeaaattsss!
4/20/21 Update:  It was just a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch for me!I helped my foster mom plant some pretty flowers in the garden this morning. I ate a few leaves and some dirt- it was fun! Now it’s time for some zzzzs.
4/25/21 Update:  Foster Mom was doing what she does best this past weekend: hanging out on the patio and planting flowers. I was able to help her, and it was so fun being outside all day. I’m such a good helper – Foster Mom tells me all the time that I am such a sweet girl. Helping outside is hard work, so we had to go in and catch a nap… One of my top favorite things to do. Have a great week, everyone!