Honey Marie

Honey Marie

Happy news here, Honey has officially been adopted! Her new momma flew into town just for her and picked her up this afternoon! Honey jumped right in her rental car, ready for a new adventure ahead.

Adoptive mom Jeanne and her husband William, unexpectedly lost their sweet bully puppy in March and their home hasn’t felt the same since. Jeanne has adopted from LSBCR twice before, making Honey her 3rd bully baby with us! YAY!  I know Honey will have the best life being loved on and cared for with her new furever family.

Like so many sad stories, mine is no different. I had a family that loved me very much and I loved them. I had plenty of kids to play with and I was the center of their world, then things changed. My mom knew I needed more than her family was able to give me, so we looked up places for Bulldogs. We found Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and I told my mom that this is the place for me. I packed my things and off I went. I am about 2 years old and full of spunk and personality. I am a small, but mighty gal who just loves lap time. I am house broken, I know how to sit and I’m gentle taking treats. I love all people of all ages and sizes. I am off to see Dr. Larsen to get a checkup. I heard she just loves to let us Bulldogs sit in her lap.

4/8/20 Update:  Honey Marie is ready for Easter weekend! We had a great first night with sweet Honey Marie! She loooves car rides and big bully hugs! She got to meet all the neighbors last night and was the talk of the (social distancing) party.  She even made a furry friend!

Honey Marie is so gentle and patient, we will get these allergies under control in no time.

4/12/20 Update:  It’s been nearly a week with my foster family and I am basically the queen of the house! I get three walks a day and make new friends each time we go around the block. Life is good! I’m working on changing my diet to help with my allergies and like to eat out of Foster Mommy’s hands. I’m getting better at taking my meds will a pill pocket. Those taste like cheese… yum!

Let’s see… oh, my foster parents tried out this thing called a stroller on me and at first, I didn’t like it, but then when I didn’t really feel like walking, I LOVED it. I felt like the true queen that I am! That’s all for now. Gotta go grab my favorite spot on the couch to take a nap with my toys.

4/20/20 Update:   Foster girl Honey Marie can’t get enough car rides! She loves backseat driving, but calls shotgun any chance she can get! She’s such a social butterfly.  Honey Marie is as sweet as can be! She is playful and silly, but is also the best cuddle buddy there ever was. She’s beginning to love her new dog food and is taking her meds really well. Such a good girl! We are working on commands. One she definitely understands is ‘Noooo!’ 😆 She’s met the entire family and is already the queen of everyone’s lives! She is amazing with kids and is sure to brighten up any home!

2/26/20 Update:  Boy, am I proud of myself… I went on a little road trip with Foster Mommy and I slept the whole way to Austin! Remember: riding in the car is my favorite thing in the world to do. ❤️

When we finally got to the house, I wasn’t sure if I liked the furry friends who lived there… but after a few hours, I warmed up to them and learned how to get along. Being a part of the pack isn’t so bad after all. But I think I prefer being the queen… always. Especially of the couch!

This video Foster Mommy shot of me is evidence that I can be patient with puppies and co-exist with other alphas. Luckily, they were really nice furry friends that allowed me to slip up one or two times. Sorry pals.🐾They even let me keep my favorite toy of theirs… the blue dino. Woo hoo! Well, bye for now… time to go for a walk!

4/28/20 Update:  It’s been another fun week with Honey Marie! With all this sunshine we’ve been having, we don’t waste a moment inside. We’re outside playing in the yard and taking long walks. She does really well in a stroller when we go on our 3-mile walks and is appreciative of the ride.

Have you noticed her new bestie? She takes her blue Dino everywhere!

We introduced her to some family dogs this past weekend and she got along great with them. She needs to work on her manners with the alpha of the house, but other than that, she plays really fair!

Honey Marie is such a sweet, young lady, especially to human friends. I took her to get her nails trimmed and she did wonderful-in and out with no problems. With all of the allergens in the air, we are really working on getting hers under control and she is very patient with eye drops, ear treatments and taking pills.

She is a well-behaved, snuggle expert who loves car rides.