Happy trails for the Hoss man today. He was welcomed by an amazing family where he will be the one and only four-legged kid. We are so excited to see Hossy find his forever family!

Hoss has come back to rescue due to some adjustment issues in his home. He is with his foster family for further evaluation.

If there was ever a Bulldog aptly named, this is it. Hoss is as big boy (66 lbs). and 4 years old. He is a bundle of energy and loves to play. He LOVES to play!! He was an owner surrender because, for some reason, Hoss decided he no longer liked one of his fur brothers in the household. Working with a behaviorist did not help. The family made the tough decision to place Hoss in an environment where he was more comfortable an could flourish.

8/15/16 Update:  We welcomed big boy, Hoss, into our home yesterday. This is one big, beautiful man. We think he’s one of the prettiest and healthiest Bulldogs we know. Weighing in at 69 pounds, Hoss is super sweet and snuggly. So far he gets along with everyone, except for one little tiff with his foster sister. It was clearly instigated by his diva sister.  No fault of Hoss’s.  His manners have something to be desired. We’ve been working on door manners and not jumping on people today. He is already better at jumping up, but door manners will take a couple of days. He will plow right through the door to be first. No potty accidents in the house!! Not even marking. He got a bath today and didn’t complain too much. His coat is gorgeous!!!! No hot spots or skin issues we see so far. He is such a good boy!!  Stay tuned as we get to know this sweet boy.

8/23/16 Update:  Hoss the Boss in full effect. Hoss, the big man, had a good week. He is full of energy, curious, and loves attention. Hoss would do really well in an active family with kids that will give him lots of attention and play with him. We are still working on manners and he’s in full bulldog stubborn mode.  He would be great with someone that could do some training with him. He has been doing great on leash during walks. We still don’t know if he is male dog aggressive or just one beagle aggressive. He is surrounded by women here!! He and is foster sister have been in a few disagreements. Again, she is diva central so she could be giving him side eye. He doesn’t fuss with anyone else. Stay tuned to see what lucky family chooses sweet Hoss for their forever baby.

9/5/16 Update:  Hoss:  Who is the cutest boy ever? Me, Hoss the Boss!  Who is the sweetest boy ever? Me, Hossy!! It’s been a good week in my foster home. Not much new to report. Just chillin with my sisters and foster pawrents. I’m so ready to find my forever family. I’m looking for an active family that will play with me. I like to run and jump and play. Then I like to take long naps. I’m sweet to everyone (just don’t make me talk to that Beagle). My foster parents are working on manners with me, but I’m a strong willed boy. A family that could help me be a proper gentleman would be lovely.

12/5/16 Update:  Hey! It’s me, Hoss! Yes, yes. I am back.  I had some issues getting along with my new sister after I was adopted. So, here I am. Back in rescue.  I am just an only child type of guy. A lone ranger, numero uno, oneling, singleton Hoss, Yep, that’s me.  So far, I have gotten along with all 3 of my foster sisters about 98% of the time.  Now, it isn’t all my fault. I have a diva foster sister that starts it sometimes.  I have had a few words with my Doberman sister.  Yikes, she’s big so I back off.  Foster ma says I am the “common denominator” (remember that Beagle?). I don’t know what all that means, but I am guessing it means I just need to be the only dog in the house.

I am great in my crate. I am house trained perfectly!!!  I ALWAYS want to be with my people and quite the snuggler.  When it is meal time, I jump and twist and bounce with joy!!! I am a bit of a bully in a china shop.  I am a big boy and like to press my way through the door first or the first to get dinner.  My foster parents say I am the perfect house guest and they love me so much!!  If you have room for an independent, handsome man like myself, I would love to meet you.

12/13/16 Update:  My update this week is one of great frustration. You have no idea what it’s like to be this good looking!! I’m surrounded by 4 legged women that want to sit by me, kiss me, share my food. “Hoss, you’re so beautiful”. “Hoss, I want to hold your hand”. “Hoss, will you go to the Lone Star Bulldog event with me this weekend?” On and on and on. These dashing good looks don’t give me a moments rest. I’ll tell you this, but don’t tell on me. I have a reputation to uphold. When these girls start getting on my nerves, I spring into action!! A growl, a snap, a good ole fashion throw down. Two minutes after a scuffle, we are all friends again. They can’t stay away from me. They just don’t get it. I just want to be alone with my pawrents and get ALL of the attention. If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette without any current pets and looking for a wing man (wink wink) or a family that wants to shower me, and only me, with all your love and attention I’ll be here waiting for your application. Beware! When you take me in public, people will flock to you to get a look at this exquisite physique. Signing out for now,  Ciao, Hoss the Boss.

1/2/17 Update:  Hoss, the good looking fella, here. Not much new to report. I have been the sweetest boy and follow my foster pops EVERYWHERE he goes. We are buds! I have been in a few more arguments with my foster sisters, but most of the time, we get along. I continue to vie for attention because, well, I want it ALL! I’m full of energy and meal time is my favorite! If you would like to know more about me, and think I might be your forever guy, check out my profile on the website. Happy New Year, everybully.